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After BJP's meeting with Dy Election Commissioner, CPI-M also writes letter to the Commissioner : CPI-M alleges BJP trying to create 'Hindu state'
TIWN Jan 20, 2018
After BJP's meeting with Dy Election Commissioner, CPI-M also writes letter to the Commissioner : CPI-M alleges BJP trying to create 'Hindu state'
PHOTO : Deputy Election Commissioner Sudip Jain. TIWN Pic

AGARTALA, Jan 20 (TIWN): After BJP State Observer Sunil Deodhar met the Deputy Election Commissioner Sudeep Jain, CPI-M has also written a letter to Sudip Jain alleging BJP is trying to create violence to spoil the free and fair means of election environment. The BJP leader also complained the Election commissioner about the forceful donation collection by CPI-M from the state govt employees. What CPI-M said in the letter was, "As we always do, we reiterate our assurance to cooperate with the Election Commission in conduct of the in a free, fare, peaceful and festive atmosphere this time also. As ruling party of the state we are aware of our biggest responsibility in this aspect.... but in our state some of the parties particularly BJP, which is a ruling party at the centre moving with calculated drive for religious hate campaigning, inviting law and order problem to get political mileage".

"Apart from religious hate campaign to establish so called "Hindu State", BJP has launched an organized drive for destroying the flags and festoons", the CPI-M's letter further said.

CPI-M also raised complain against IPFT, particularly NC Debbarma's party (as Radhacharan's party is aligning with Congress) being helped by BJP in such violence.

On the other side, BJP also raised strong charges against CPI-M including mentioning of various violence.

After meeting Sudeep Jain, Sunil Deodhar told media, "Till day Tripura has witnessed election contests between the state govt and the opposition party, but this time it will experience a party vs. party's competition. I have met the Deputy Election commissioner along with our Election Cell In-charge - Badal Goswami and placed our concerns and demands. We have received very positive response from the Commissioner including the issues of Election rigging".

"We have raised the issue of Election rigging and the Deputy Commissioner told us that rigging, fake voting will be no more possible due to the modern technology will be used in the election. The Election Commissioner further said that as per the Model Code of Conduct, no booth office, party flags, festoons can be in Govt lands. We further told him in case of that all parties should be equally treated. However, there is a rule of the state govt and following it the action will be taken soon", added Deodhar.

The BJP leader further said that against 7 Govt Officials they have raised allegation and demanded that the officials should be removed from their duties along with telling the Commissioner about the forceful collection of donations by state govt employees. 

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