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CPI-M Ministers, leaders arrest imminent if BJP wins election : 'BJP Govt to handover Tripura’s Multicrore Chit Fund Cases to CBI', says Ratan Lal Nath
TIWN Jan 15, 2018
CPI-M Ministers, leaders arrest imminent if BJP wins election : 'BJP Govt to handover Tripura’s Multicrore Chit Fund Cases to CBI', says Ratan Lal Nath
PHOTO : Ratan Lal Nath challenges to push Chitfund culprits in jail after BJP comes in power. TIWN Pic Jan 15

AGARTALA Jan 15 (TIWN): Tripura BJP leader Ratan Lal Nath in a reply to 'What action BJP Govt take first against Chit Fund scams after coming in power' said, ''First of all BJP will handover the chit fund cases to CBI for proper investigation through which the culprits will be come out and then their properties will be seized. With the seized properties the depositors moneys will be returned back". But, whether after 7 - 8 years of the scam CBI can find out the culprits, it was also asked to Nath. However, in reply Ratan Lal Nath said, ''Govt data itself will reveal the truth. First the employees who gave the chit fund companies trade license it will be found out and then naturally when the employees will be interrogated, big heads will come out".

TIWN further asked Ratan Lal Nath how far BJP will take action as experience says after coming in power, parties  forget their promises. Ratan Lal Nath said, "Surely BJP Govt will take action. There is no doubt about that and culprits will be sent to jail without any hesitation".

Earlier, in press conference Ratan Lal Nath said that it was only chit fund, where CPI-M Govt couldn’t deny the allegations.

“In murder cases,scams generally ruling and opposition parties can blame each-other, but chit fund is the only issue where Tripura CPI-M could not deny the allegations, neither they could blame the opposition in return. CPI-M Ministers, MPs, leaders even the Chief Minister’s direct and indirect involvement in chit fund have looted mass savings of Tripura’s poor and middle class”, said Nath.

“Not only to make money but Chief Minister Manik Sarkar also opened the way for the chit fund company owners to escape from the state and assured that no punishment they can receive in future”, Nath added.

“All arrangements were very cunningly so that in future also the Chit Fund owners do not get any harassment from CBI or Police”, said Nath.

The chit fund related protest roars which are hitting the CPI-M Govt for its major involvement in promoting chit fund, had successfully opened at least 14 lakhs of bank account in tiny state out of its 36 lakhs population during 1999 to 2013. This has termed by the opposition as a major economic landslide under the CPI-M Govt in Chief Minister Manik Sarkar’s regime. The estimated chit fund looted amount couldn’t be guessed, although only from Rose Valley Chit fund companies, Rs. 35,000 crores were cheated to the public, a recent data said.

Out of 78 cases undertaken by SIT only 18 chargesheetes were submitted in the court but whether any investigation is going on or not nobody knows. Till day SIT could not clearly say how many chit fund companies had taken shelter in Tripura. Sometimes they had assumed the number as 75 and sometimes it was increased at 78, but there were at least 138 chit fund companies looted the public in Tripura.

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