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Official transferred, NHM's salaries pending at Unkoti Dist
TIWN Dec 7, 2017
Official transferred, NHM's salaries pending at Unkoti Dist

KAILASHAHAR, Dec 7 (TIWN): Delay of NHM workers salaries at Unakoti Dist has triggered heavy resentment among the employees.

A complain has come saying, "CMO's negligence has been delaying Unakoti District NHM's salaries. As per the Director's notice with No.F. 3(5-2668)/ FWPM/ SHFWS2012/S-II the CMO has gone to Khowai. In the notice it has been written that Unakoti Dist's account Manager Debu Biswas and Khowai Dist Manager Bipul Roy must join in their new places within 25th Dec. But Bipul Roy till day has not joined in Unakoti whereas Debu Biswas has gone to his destination".

As per the source Khowai account manager till day has not released his manager from there and as a result due to lack of staffs, the salary has been stuck.

Resentments have brewed among the NHMs with the delay of their salaries. 

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