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Election knocking CPI-M's door : Poorest Chief Minister first time travels via Tripura Train to meet farmers’ rally sitting in Sleeper Class
TIWN April 28, 2017
Election knocking CPI-M's door :  Poorest Chief Minister first time travels via Tripura Train to meet farmers’ rally sitting in Sleeper Class
PHOTO : CM travelling in train towards Kumarghat. TIWN Pic April 28

AGARTALA, April 28 (TIWN): Finally sacrificing the luxurious of helicopter rides, Tripura Chief Minister has chosen train to travel at Kumarghat to meet the CPI-M backed farmers’ association’s rally there. Chief Minister reportedly, never traveled Tripura trains earlier, but this time ahead of Assembly Election, he directly had chosen the Sleeper Class of train No. 06712 for the journey. Hundreds of people gathered to see India’s poorest Chief Minister finally travelling through Tripura train, felicitating Modi Govt’s Broad Gauge. Along with the Chief Minister his party fellows also travelled by the train, TIWN reported from Agartala Railway Station. When BJP State Observer Sunil Deodhar has unmasked Manik Sarkar’s reality behind his poorest Chief minister’s title recently, saying that CM’s clothes imported from states like Panjab & wears expensive spectacle, CM Manik Sarkar has chosen to go in Sleeper Class instead of AC compartments.

Hitting Manik Sarkar BJP State Observer Sunil Deodhar said, “Nobody cares what Minister Badal Choudhury wears and what he does, but people would be shocked to know Manik Sarkar’s penchant for wealth as CM is the most luxurious communist leader in Tripura, because he always attempts to make people believe that he has no money, no property and donates his salaries in the party fund”. “Even Amitabh Bacchan hosting the programme of KBC asked a person ‘who is the poorest CM of India’ and the man gets 25 lakhs rupees by saying it’s Manik Sarkar, which is not true”, said Deodhar. “Moreover, if he is poor, he donates the salary in party fund, why he tells this everyone ? Does he want to prove himself as the most honest Communist leader?”

 It’s worthy to say here that earlier also question raised about the image of CM Manik Sarkar. Many people alleged he is never poor, but the one of the most luxurious person in Tripura with Rs. 60,000 rupees of his spectacle. He constantly keeps changing his dresses over the day and also during his residing at Tripura Bhawans, most luxurious arrangements are made for him.

Reportedly, Chief Minister earlier never visited in train but proving 2018’s election really a hard battle CM has taken train to reach the farmers, when state agriculture have already declined.

However, earlier, Sarkar did same at Assam, although without any effect of Sarkar’s train journey BJP came there massively. 

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