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Major portions of Tripura still cut of Electricity connection
TIWN April 24, 2017
Major portions of Tripura  still cut of Electricity connection

BELONIA, April 24 (TIWN) : Although the State Govt. is giving 100 MW power to its neighbouring country B’desh, via Tripura, but the state Tripura particularly South Tripura itself is suffering from poor power connectivity, with the blessing of the TSECL administration.

In many backward places of South Tripura, especially the tribal areas, no electrical post has been set there also.

Although the cities are decorated with lights and almost less affected from load-shedding but as far as the urban and interior parts are concerned, students are the worst sufferer.

The lines whichever are provided there at ADC and rural areas, allegely were not given in proper manner, resulting in frequent load-shedding after a light rain.

According to the report, once the power is gone due to some slight rain and thunders, it takes atleast 2-3 days to recover. The power dept. workers come and repair the lines temporarily, but again with a light wave blow the connectivity is disrupted.


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