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Bhanu’s 600 crore’s one time package for Govt employees irks resentment : Pay review committee yet to satisfy public’s queries
TIWN April 23, 2017
Bhanu’s 600 crore’s one time package for Govt employees irks resentment : Pay review committee yet to satisfy public’s queries
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AGARTALA, April 23 (TIWN): After the 1st Assembly Budget Session of the year held in February, already 2 months have been passed, but the Finance Minister yet to break the suspense of Govt employees regarding the employees benefits out of his 600 crores of package announced by him. On the one hand, after 4rth Pay Commission, Tripura Govt didn’t implement any pay commission here, despairing the hopes of Govt employees after constant ruling of the party for long 24 yrs, resulted in mass anger among the state govt employees. When the other states are enjoying 7th pay commission benefits, Tripura is far away from it. As a result a non-political forum of teachers in Tripura is going to sit in 4 hour long demonstration on Sunday.

Talking on the background of the demonstration, the Joint Teachers' Movement Committee (JTMC), President Ranajit Dey told TIWN, "In the Pay Commission announced by the Central Govt 125 % DA was added with the present basic salary, whereas more 30 % basic has been increased. Already the Central Govt employees are getting the amount from 2016-1st January.

 Already in other states the 7th pay commission has been implemented or paycommission has been implemented, but surprisingly, while presenting the budget the finance minister with the excuse of no fund denied to implement 7th pay commission, whereas as per the Assembly data from 2013 to 2016 under the sanctioned fund for Tripura Govt employees, there are atleast 932.55 crores have kept as unspent".

 "The 600 crores of budget for the govt employees are just bogus way to deprive them. The pay band which has been announced also doesn't similar with the Central Govt employees salaries", said De.

 With all these demands have raised to refund the employees with their deserved DAs.

On the other hand, , Finance Minister Bhanulal Saha said in the Assembly on February 20, 'Whatever will be the expenditure for Tripura Govt employees it has to be managed under the announced Rs. 600 crores'.

Later, the Finance Minister urged the Govt employees here to hold the patience for 2 / 3 months, before Tripura Govt set a Pay review committee who will decide about the implementation theory.

But only after 45 days the report on employees and pensioners to be submitted to the state govt.A three-member Pay and Pension Revision Committee has been constituted by the cabinet for giving recommendations for revision of existing pay structure and pension for the government employees and pension holders. Former Chief Secretary G. K. Rao would be the Chairman of the Pay and Pension Revision Committee and Principal Secretary Sushil Kumar and Additional Secretary Debashish Modak would be the member and secretary to the committee respectively.

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