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Voluntary posthomous corps donation held in Tripura
TIWN April 23, 2017
Voluntary posthomous corps donation  held in Tripura

KAMALPUR, April 23 (TIWN): 7th Annual Conference of Indian Science and Rationalists Association Kamalpur branch was held at the Bhattacharjee Para Samajsiksha Kendra today. The conference was inaugurated by paying floral tribute to the martyrs. Then the annual magazine of the Association "Juktibadi Srot" was published.

However, the most important aspect was the discussion and demand in favour of free health service. The organization demanded that free health facilities should be provides to every citizen. And they made it clear that, the motto of free health services at governmental expenses still remained a distant dream. Although the government had signed the Charter of WHO in this context way back in 1978 to ensure free health facilities for its citizens within 2000. And it could be done only spending mere 2.5% of GDP. But till date the Indian Government spent mere 1% of GDP for health sector. And this led to the growth and spread of the maximum of prevailing superstitions. In this context, the Association thought the free health facilities must be ensured. They also discussed about the activities of the Association against superstitions.

Dignitaries like MLA Anjan Das, Nagar Panchayat Chairperson Subrata Bhattacharjee, Satyajit Banerjee of Tripura Juktibad Bikas Mancha, Agartala were also present and discussed in favour of the spread of scientific and rational thinking and living. They also demanded for free health facilities for all.

In the evening a mass donation of posthomous corpse would be arranged at the autorickshaw stand where almost 32 people would donate their corpse.

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