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Modi invited States for cashless transaction to prevent black money : Tripura CM declares his ‘digital-ignorance’, corruption tainted CPI-M hampers State’s development, Tripura economy turns worst under Manik Sarkar’s 23 yrs rule
TIWN Nov 30, 2016
Modi invited States for cashless transaction to prevent black money : Tripura CM declares his ‘digital-ignorance’, corruption tainted CPI-M hampers State’s development, Tripura economy turns worst under Manik Sarkar’s 23 yrs rule
PHOTO : Modi giving lessons to Manik Sarkar. TIWN File Photo

AGARTALA, Nov 30 (TIWN): Following comrade Jyoti Basu’s footsteps of destroying state’s economic future, lack of industries, massive unemployments, Manik Sarkar repeating similar era in Tripura during his 23 years rule. Manik Sarkar’s single point goal of keeping Tripura in dark age was quite evident when CM expressed his unwillingness to work with Centre to work on various State-Central initiatives like ‘cashless economy’ to contain black money. Tripura Chief Minister once again rouguely declared about his empty knowledge about digitalization, while declaring the reason behind his not joining in the central committee for cashless money transaction.

As per Manik Sarkar, among 29 states in the country, Modi Govt had chosen only 5 state CMs who can be a part of the mission, obviously if Tripura CM could join the mission  it would have hugely benefitted Tripura. But Manik  Sarkar’s claims cannot be verified as most of the times CM resorts to utter lies to flex his ‘holier-than-thou’ image. 

Modi Govt has no reasons to invite an illiterate Chief Minister like Manik Sarkar, who lacks basic computer skills, economic knowledge to perform governance.

Without CPI-M govt’ or its bed partner former UPA I & II Govt's  any help for Tripura earlier,  BJP led Central Govt gifted the state with 4 Express Trains, Internet Gateway,Broad gauge and various other project plans.

Development oriented Modi Govt when offered the CM of one the most backward states to remain present in the committee, Manik Sarkar simply denied saying that he lacks knowledge in it, which proves how much the chief minister here is interested for the development.

The cashless transaction is much helpful to make a society corruption free, but whereas the other CMs have decided to remain with the Centre the Chief Minister of Tripura was expressing his joys to rejecting central’s proposal.

On the other hand BJP State President Biplab Deb said, “The CM is cheaply concerned with his political gains and he has no desire to prosper the state”.

Biplab Deb’s comment can not be ignored as by CM’s statement it is much visible that he wanted to be in that committee but the reason for rejecting to be there was the fear of “Confusion” which can be emerged in public’s mind.

Manik Sarkar clearly said, “My joining in that cashless committee would create confusion in public’s mind. Everyone will be confused that the same person called strike and now he is joining in Central Committee. Thinking all these I decided that”…. Which proves BJP State President’s comment was correct that the CM was thinking about his vote banks not for the state’s progress.

Manik Sarkar scripted the talk between him and Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley (on Monday morning) like this in press conference held at Secretariat  :

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley : Prime Minister Narendra Modi  selected 5 CMs to be a part the cshless-committee & digitalization and he has chosen you also as one of them”.

Tripura CM Manik Sarkar : But I am not technically expert person and have very little knowledge in digitalization. But as PM has requested I can’t ignore. When a PM asks a CM, he simply can not deny.

Jaitley : Ok, thank you…

On Monday (11.30am)… when already criticism raised about CM’s joining at Central Committee

Sarkar : I hope Mr Jailtley you didn’t misunderstand me as I didn’t yet said “yes” to be in the committee. As I am not technically expert person so I can’t be there.

Jaitley : No this is not like that, there will be many experts including finance dept members, NITI Aayog member. Your suggestion will help us more ideas to take decison.

Sarkar : Please do not misunderstand me, as I am not technically expert to be there,

Jailtley : We would be happy if you were in that committee

Sarkar : Please don’t mind, I can’t be in that committee.

So, this was the way how the CM of Tripura boosted ownself as the leader of technically ignorant person. He has literary proven himself as a part of Communist crap who is fully digitally handicapped. 

Again this whole conversation was informed by Chief Minister in Tuesday (29th Nov) evening's press meet held at State Secretariat.

Whether Manik Sarkar telling truth or utter lies that only time will tell as common people might wonder why Modi will invite such a non-performer CM into his panel ???

Nowhere in national media Jaitley said that he selected 5 CMs to head 'cashless planning panel' as claimed by Tripura's most tainted CM Manik Sarkar.

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