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Oath taking brings ‘false promises’ following Left front ruling
TIWN Nov 29, 2016
Oath taking brings ‘false promises’ following Left front ruling
PHOTO : Elected MLAs take oath at Assembly. TIWN Pic Nov 29

AGARTALA, Nov 29 (TIWN): After the oath taking of the elected candidates were held at Assembly for Barjala Constituency and Khowai Constituency, now the CPI-M leaders have started boosting the ruling party.

Barjala MLA Jhumu Sarkar said, “I will work in support of people, as the CPI-M has been done till day”.

But this the same area, where multiple protests were held demanding quick renovation of roadways especially the highway which goes towards Agartala Airport. Public placed deputation to the Chief Engineer of Tripura, following many road blockades throughout the year.

BJP party also held protest, blocked vehicle movement there, but the road remained as it is.

Not only roadways, but common people also gathered together in demand of sorting out the ongoing water crisis problem, power problem-----but the problems remained as ‘Problems’ only, but never solved. Although Barjala belongs to very close to the heart of Capital City’s main town areas, but residing in the same subdivision the urban development minister has no time to listen to the public demand.

On Oct 25th while doing door to door campaigning TIWN source informed that the BJP State President Biplab Deb said to a voter, “I  was not aware about the bad condition of roadways, but after experiencing physically I will not tolerate this. I am taking the issue to the Central Govt”. BJP State President’s comment has marked as a ‘Joke’ to the ‘Democracy’, where leaders hardly walks on road, coming out of their luxurious lifestyles.

Barjala Constituency CPI-M candidate Jhumu Sarkar also  promised to look after each & every problems of his locality. This new leader of CPI-M who became suddenly popular after some videos of his intoxicated, lunatic condition were disclosed by media during the immersion of Durga idol at Barjala area.


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