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Kamalpur: Santosia market turned gambler's paradise
TIWN Nov 27, 2016
Kamalpur: Santosia market turned gambler's paradise
PHOTO : Kamalpur Police Station. TIWN File Photo.

KAMALPUR, Nov 27 (TIWN): Mysterious reluctance of police has turned the remote Santosia market the gambler's paradise here at Kamalpur. Everynight gamblers gamble lakhs of rupees on three boards. Police has remained numbed up in the issue.

According to the allegation of the locale, the practise of gambling has been continuing there for last two to three months. The gamblers bet on those boards openly every night. Interestingly, gamblers from three communities bet seperately on three boards.

The area is a mixed population based ares consisting of Bengalee, Manipuri and Tribal communities. Each of community has a seperate board. The Bengalee gamblera bet on the board which uses to set at the entrance.

The Manipuri community bet at the middle of the market. The Tribals bet on the board usually set at the outskirt of the market. The gamblers happily bet on the boards every evening. On the days of MGNREGA and othet social scheme's payments the boards operates from morning till night. Locale allege that, police could easily bust the ruining practise. But probably due to some under table transactions Kamalpur police has remained shut up in that issue.

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