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Deprived MGNREGA workers held 6 hours silent protest
TIWN Nov 25, 2016
Deprived MGNREGA workers held 6 hours silent protest
PHOTO : MGREGA workers held 6 hours silent protest at Swami Vivekananda Stadium. TIWN Pic Nov 25

AGARTALA, Nov 25 (TIWN): The disappointed MGNREGA workers under Tripura Govt. held a protest with ‘vow of silence’ on Friday at Swami Vivekananda Stadium.

Their demands were scripted in a paper, whereas they sat silently for long 6 hours at there.

According to their demand, “The regularization/ transfer policies for Tripura Govt's MGNREGA appointed employees', Geo Tegging related and mobile purchasing issues are harassing the MGNREGA workers here a lot".

 They demanded----

  1. To regularize the job of MGNREGA workers,
  2. Evenafter 10 yrs of passing why state govt is not taking any step to regularize the workers?
  3. Tripura Govt has suddenly taken decision regarding purchasing of Jio mobile, due to which the administration is harassing the workers a lot------which needs to be stopped.
  4. In the name of Strike, the state govt has cut the salary of the MGNREGA workers---which is fully inhuman,
  5. To provide basic facilities to the employees like other dept’s employees. 
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