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UDAIPUR: Housewife of a multi-millionaire suspended CPI(M) leader left her in-laws' fearing for her life; MLA protecting guilty
UDAIPUR: Housewife of a multi-millionaire suspended CPI(M) leader left her in-laws' fearing for her life; MLA protecting guilty

UDAIPUR, June 1 (TIWN): Ruthless tortures upon the womanhood have now become an everyday affairs in Tripura. And continuous interference in the legal matters by a section of CPI(M) leaders simply making the lives of the victims a hell.

Recently the leaving the in-law's house by the house wife of a self-declared fund manager of CPI(M) party's heavy weight leader cum MLA and a multi-millionaire business giant of Udaipur Binod Bihari Datta of Ramesh Chowmahani area has once again brings out the behind the curtains relationship of CPI(M) leaders with criminals. The house wife Tuli Datta was compelled to leave her in-laws' house in the night of 23rd May 2014 because she was scared that her life might be endangered. Having no other alternative Tuli came back to her ancestral house along with her two little daughters. Shamefully two of the heavy weight CPI(M) leaders(including an MLA) of Udaipur Divisional Committee are now alleged to come as protectors of Binod Bihari Datta and his son instead of the victim; much to the hatred and anger of honest Leftists of Udaipur. TIWN source in the CPI(M) party told over phone, " Practically the Divisional Committee are now divided in two groups in this issue- one one side there is the MLA and his faithful companion and on the other hand, there are the other members."

     It is to be noted here that on 15/05/2005 Tuli Datta, D/O- Sri Tapas Datta of Ramesh Chowmahani got married with Rajib Datta ; with a huge amount of golden jewellery and a Bajaj Pulsar bike (red coloured) given at the time of marriage as dowry. But soon after marriage Tuli came to know that her husband is having illegal and extra-marital relationship with other women. Initially she complained to her father-in-law and mother-in-law but both were alleged to have suggested Tuli to remain silent. At times quarrels broke out and every time Rajib begged apology of Tuli promising to keep himself out of these. But day by day Rajib's attraction towards other women increased at an alarming. Her parents too came to know this but they could do nothing as Binod Bihari and Rajib Datta have the blessings of an MLA[who is known as a millionaire CPI(M) among his party members supporters]. Under his political influence Binod succeeded to subdue all these issues.

       The situation grew worse soon after the birth of Tuli's second daughter. Her husband and her in-laws often used to humiliate her with the blame that Tuki is unable to give birth a boy child but they need one badly to maintain their business and affluence in future . The tortures too seem to be unbearable to Tuli. Ultimately on 23rd May she left her in-laws after Rajib assaulted very badly(leaving black marks of wounds on her body). On 27th May at around 6.30pm Tuli lodged a case against her husband Rajib Datta, Binod Bihari Datta and her mother-in-law Smt Milan Datta in the Woman Police Station(Case No-59/2014) under Section 498(A) of IPC.

     But it is alleged that due to tremendous pressure from the MLA and another heavy weight CPI(M) Divisional Committee member( spent more than five years in Binod's house)  Police showed less interest in taking legal action against Tuli's in-laws'

 Traditionally Tuli's family too have Left back ground and till now a majority of CPI(M) state committee members possess a very good relationship with Tuli's parental house   known  as' Datta Bari' . Tuli hails from a family which is the founder of Udaipur Ramesh Higher Secondary School(one of the prestigious academic institution of Tripura). Now she is a helpless woman with her two little daughters. Even police is doing nothing.

     It is alleged that Binod Datta and Rajib Datta are now absconding. They are in Kolkata( as TIWN sources adds). But a section of ruling party leaders are with the opinion that police practically helped Binod and Rajib to escape( with a huge back door deal). According TIWN source even in kolkata Binod Datta is getting all kinds of information over his phone given by a section of police; obviously as advised by the MLA.  

       Meanwhile Tripura Pragatisheel Grameen Congress President Subal Bhowmik rushed to Udaipur and visited Tuli's house on Friday.  Later on Subal Bhowmik met with O C Woman Police Station Madhuri Debbarma and SDPO Udaipur Sanjoy Biswas asking them to take strict action against the accused. Tripura Pradesh Youth Congress Youth Congress President Susanta Chowdhury also went to Udaipur and assured Tuli and her parents any kind of support. A team of Udaipur District Woman Congress Committee led by Bhramar Som, Sabita Nag and Binapani Chakraborty met with O C Woman P S for a deputation demanding immediate arrest of the guilty. Interestingly CPI(M) Womens' Wing( Naari Samity), which often  rocks the streets in Tripura in protest against attrocities  against women in West Bengal , is totally silent in this case. And Woman Commission too has become a signboard only.


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