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Tripartite meeting held to increase the wages of the tea labour
Tripartite meeting held to increase the wages of the tea labour
PHOTO : Tripartite meeting held at Labour office. TIWN Pic Jan 29

AGARTALA, Jan 29 (TIWN): With the aim to discuss about the hike in the wages of the tea labour in the State, a tripartite meeting was held on Friday at the Labour Department Office.

Reportedly, the meeting was organized between the staff and sub-staff of tea labour, owners of the tea garden and labour commissioner at Labour Department Office.

Speaking about the wages related problem, the staffs complained that two years before the wages of labour were increased but as the tenure of the increased wages is already over, they are urging to increase the wages.

Stressing on the issue of increasing the wages, the members urges to increase the wages by 6 percent.

However, the increase in the wages by 6 percent was supposed to be done long back but till day no initiatives are being taken increase the wages of the labours.

Tea plantation in Tripura was started under Royal Administration in the beginning of 20th Century. Tea Industry was started in Tripura by people of East Bengal unlike Assam where tea-plantation was started by British.

Tripura Tea Development Corporation was set up in 1980 for development of Tea Industry in the State. 

Subsequently, the management of five sick Tea gardens was entrusted with the Corporation since 1986.

The State Government has also declared Tripura Tea Development Corporation Limited as a nodal agency for growth of small farmers for tea plantation in the State. There is a Central Tea Processing Factory at Durgabari under the management of T.T.D.C.​


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