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Awareness rally on the occasion of Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight observed
Awareness rally on the occasion of Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight observed
PHOTO : Cycle rally held at Agartala under the theme of Save Fuel. TIWN Pic Jan 28

AGARTALA, Jan 28 (TIWN): As a part of the Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight, awareness rally has been organized at the Tripura’s Capital.

The participants organized a cycle rally and in front of it a board with a message has been hanged, in order to spread the message to save fuel.

The message includes- save fuel and save energy, energy misused cannot be excused and many other messages.

With an aim to generate awareness among the public about conserving petroleum products, Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight has been inaugurated on January 16 at Radhanagar.

The inauguration of the Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight has been observed by the contribution of PCRA (Petroleum Conservation Research Association) with an aim to encourage people of the entire country as well as to increase the effectiveness of the campaign of oil conservation.

The initiative has been first started in the year 1991.

It has been mentioned that in order to raise the awareness about saving petroleum products among people the celebration of oil conservation week is necessary.

Petroleum products are being used by the people in many ways such as power plants, industries, fertilizer, commercial, domestic, transport sectors and so many.

However, the participant used by-cycle in the rally to create awareness among the people and to save petrol and to save energy.

It is to be mentioned here that various events aimed at creating mass awareness about conserving petroleum products has been organized during the fortnight.

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