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Government hospitals unable to meet the demand of beds for the patients
Government hospitals unable to meet the demand of beds for the patients
PHOTO : GB Hospital, Agartala. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Jan 28 (TIWN): Our ministers never get tiered of claiming about development in health service, but the ironical truth of our health department is that our government hospitals are unable to meet the demand of beds for the patients. Reportedly, patients in several hospitals are yet suffering due to lack of beds and the basic amenities. It is to be mentioned here that despite of having 900 beds, the hospital is unable to meet the need of the beds for the patients lying on the floor.As the numbers of patients are more compare to the bed. Besides, whenever the issue has been taken up in front of the authority, they end up the discussion with a sentence that is initiative for the improvement of the GBP Hospital is under way.Most of the health centres in the State are running with lack of adequate number of doctors and nurses. Besides, the patients are also suffering from lack of beds and insufficient infrastructure.

Hundreds of patients lay down on the floor just because the hospital lacks bed and some of the poor families are unable to pay for the bed.

Yet no initiatives are being taken to improve the poor condition of the State.

Allegation has been raised that despite of emergency the patient party of the hospital never finds doctors in time. Besides, most of the time the junior doctors arrive to see the patients.

On the other hand, many sanctioned posts are laying vacant thus rendering costly medical infrastructure created at these health institutions remains useless because they lack specialists to operate them. The doctors prefer lucrative urban postings rather than serving at a PHC.

The pathetic situation does not end here; even there are no staffs to carry the patient on stretcher. The patient party has to carry them on the stretcher to take the patient anywhere.

Now, the question arises despite of facing lack of bed facility at the hospitals for prolonged many months why till day no initiatives have been taken. On the other hand, huge amount of Government funds are spend for the party.

Besides, the ruling Government never leave a chance to blame the central government saying that the central has deducted the fund for the State.

It is seen that our ministers are never tiered of claiming that Tripura health condition has developed drastically but the ironical truth is that the hospital is even unable to meet the demand of the bed for the patients resulting the patients to lie in the bed without any assistance.



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