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TTAADC Election 2015 : An acid test for CM Manik Sarkar; CM charges agitating REGA workers as cheaters, INPT, IPFT making CM’s remark a serious issue in poll
TTAADC Election 2015 : An acid test for CM Manik Sarkar; CM charges agitating REGA workers as cheaters, INPT, IPFT making CM’s remark a serious issue in poll
PHOTO : Manik Sarkar campaigning in Kanchanpur. TIWN Pic

AGARTALA, April 29 (TIWN): Reeling under heavy pressure within and outside the party owing to his alleged patronage of chit fund companies especially Rose Valley, Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar is leaving no stone unturned to win the TTAADC election 2015 and prove his importance in the party.Like the earlier TTAADC elections held within his chief ministership period, Mr. Sarkar was the star campaginer of the party and his highly advertised clean image was the main attraction for the electors in those elections. But the situation has taken a drastic turn ever since the alleged relationship of the chief minister with the chit fund companies surfaced in the media throughout the country. The CPI(M) politburo member and the only chief minister of the left party in the country addressed the first rally on April 11, last before leaving the state to attend the CPI(M) Party congress at Visakhapatnam from April 14 to April 19, 2015.

The party was sceptical about the effect of the chief minister’s deteriorating image on the elector’s mind and took the risk of leting him address the maiden rally of the ADC election at Khumulwng on April 11 last after getting on field appraisal of the elector’s impression of the chief minister’s deteriorating image. 

But ever since his return from party congress, the chief minister was forced to take the responsibility of the party’s campaign for the TTAADC election and started intesive rallies throughout the state.

The growing REGA unrest in the tribal areas and the sudden rise in popularity of the IPFT in the tribal areas especially among the young and new voters made the CPI(M) party especially the chief minister alarmed about the party’s fate in the election and jumped into the poll campaign immeidately.

The CM is campaigning in the entire state and taking no chance in securing victory for the left candidates. Though the party is taking every step to bring party workers and supporters into his rallies, the thin attendance compared to the previous hill elections is disturbing the CM like any thing.

The spurt in unrest among the tribal REGA workers of the ADC areas making the CM more sceptical about the outcome of the poll result.

Though Mr. Sarkar is putting all the blames on the central government and the opposition parties of the state for the REGA fallout, poll pundits believe the CM is deliberatly doing this to cover  upthe inefficiency of his government in handling the REGA issue.

The rising dissatisfaction and frustration among the REGA workers over non payment of their dues and the series of attacks on the party leaders and offices of CPI(M) is the reason for concern of the CM which is taking away the sleeps of the CM .

The opposition parties too, especially the INPT and IPFT are not leaving any scope unutilised out of the REGA outburst and the subsequent failer of the ruling government in handling the situation.

Jittered by the REGA disturbance through out the state and the attack on the party workers and party offices the chief minister accused the agitated REGA workers of claiming wages without performing duties.

The chief minister’s allegation about the agitating REGA workers was taken as an issue potential enough to ignite the tribal electors and the political parties like the INPT and IPFT are blaming the CM of hurting the tribal sentiments by calling them cheaters. 

The manner in which the election weather is heating up and the political parties are targeting each other, the parties are rethinking about their poll prospects and the most uncertain of them at the moment is the CPI(M), who was almost certain of a complete sweep in the election prior to the announcement of the poll dates . With barely three days away for the polls, the mercury is rising up in the election areas and the political parties are finding it difficult to control their nerves. 

The complete sweep for the CPI(M) in the election will help Mr. Sarkar to get his confidence back and a deviation in the result will put a question mark on the credentials of the chief minister to lead the party in the state and also his image in the politburo of the party thinks the political analysts here.   

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