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“Protector become vitiator” as District Magistrate threatening of police raid: Farmers deprived of legal wage at Kailasahar
 “Protector become vitiator” as District Magistrate threatening of police raid: Farmers deprived of legal wage at Kailasahar
PHOTO : 91 Farmers deprived from their legal wages at Kailashahar. TIWN Pic March 31

KAILASHAHAR, April 1 (TIWN): 91 farmers were deprived of their legal wages after donate their land, passing 10 years of acquisition of land. However, sources said that DM Mrinal Kanti Nath threatened the farmers of police raid, if they want legal wages.

Sources further informed that small fishery and farmland were acquired from 91 farmers before 10 years to make big water body. They were assured to get income more than rupees one lakh per year from pisci culture. But they failed to get anything after 10 years.

Most unfortunate thing is that 300 farmers and labourers have failed to receive legal wages after working 3 months as daily labourers. On that resentment is prevailing among the large section of farmers in the locality. Although, the ruling party also maintaining the silence in this issue.

According to sources there are 200 acres of land at Satero Miar Hawar at 7km distance from Kailasahar town. In that land a huge area of land is vacant land. Earlier a section of farmers earned their livelihood by catching fish from the water of low land. Later on that the State Government took initiative of digging a big water body by connecting more than 100 small water bodies. TIWN Correspondent on visit to the mentioned area witnesses that 7 to 8 dozzers are still working. It is quite uncertain that how many years will be spent to complete the water body? However, local people alleged that DM was continuously threatening the poor farmers of police raid, so that they feared for demanding their legal wage.

Therefore, quite naturally some question arises among the people which were mentioned below:

1. Why was there no agreement with the 91 farmers whose land were acquired before 10 years?

2. Why the owners of the land not included in the Co-operative?

3. Why the authority not providing any compensation to the farmers as they are in currying loss of Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh per year? 

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