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HIRA : In 4.5 Years, BJP Govt failed to diminish Load-Shedding Problems in Tripura
TIWN Oct 26, 2022
HIRA : In 4.5 Years, BJP Govt failed to diminish Load-Shedding Problems in Tripura
PHOTO : Deputy CM cum Power Minister Jishnu Debbarman (File Photo)

AGARTALA, Oct 26 (TIWN): Tripura BJP Govt which had assured to end the power cut problems permanently in Tripura has miserably failed to keep its promise after 4.5 years of the Govt. With light wave of winds the power cut problem turned a major issue even in the town areas. Privatization of TSECL also failed to end the load-shedding problems. Resentment erupted among public as TSECL helpline numbers turned a farce and the attitude of TSECL employees remain unprofessional and ride to the consumers. On Wednesday, a massive power outrage has hit Tripura’s various parts including the so-called SMART City Agartala since the storm hit the state. Storm was much lesser effective than it was thought to be but the power cut problem has gone to an extreme level. 24 hours have passed but many areas in Tripura remained without power connectivity.

Resented consumers gheraoed the Power Station in Bhuturia after getting no response from the TSECl employees. It was alleged that the helpline numbers are also left dead during the emergency period.

TSECL was privatized and Electricity bills were hiked promising that Tripura will finally become a ‘load shedding free state’ but in reality after 4.5 years of the BJP Govt which assured to gift a “HIRA” to the state’s people are failed to fulfill the minimum needs of the people.

Helpline numbers are kept engaged or non-functional which has triggered more anger among the common men. If this is the condition of the capital city it can be imagined what’s the situation in rural areas.

In Tripura ADC and other rural areas, power often remains cut for weeks, days after bad weather experiences. BJP’s promised of solving power cut problems turned another empty promise. 


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