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‘Will use Jhanda as Danda against BJP if necessary’: Dipsita
TIWN Aug 29, 2022
‘Will use Jhanda as Danda against BJP if necessary’: Dipsita
PHOTO : SFI leader Dipsita Dhar addressing media. TIWN Pic Aug 29, 2022

BELONIA, Aug 29 (TIWN): SFI leader Dipsita Deb reacting to the massive violence and attacks on opposition said in Belonia that if necessary the language of danda will be taught to the BJP.

“If they keep on attacking us, we have to use the jhanda in form of danda……Tripura earlier also used this danda whenever it was necessary for Self-Defense’, stated Dipsita Dhar.

‘If every day I face attack, if days after days, I am not allowed to enter my village and every day attacks my home, burn my house, how long I will tolerate? The moment the torture will go to an extreme level, I have to give back and attack back. This is the law of nature”, she added.

“So if you understand the language of Jhanda, then it’s fine or gets ready for danda”, she challenged BJP.

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