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Fixed Pay appointment simply strengthens foundation of Capitalists; Such appointment is against the policy of Communism, blames Ajay Biswas
Bhaskar N Sarkar
Fixed Pay appointment simply strengthens foundation of Capitalists; Such appointment is against the policy of Communism, blames Ajay Biswas
PHOTO : School Education Diectors building. TIWN File Photo

AGARTALA, January 2 (TIWN): In the year 1998 Manik Sarkar became the Chief Minister of Tripura and soon after taking the chair of the Chief Minister Manik Sarkar led CPI(M) Govt in Tripura through a Cabinet resolution made Fixed Pay appointment a rule in Tripura. And since then the state govt has been adopting the same policy of appointment in various departments. But this kind of policy is quite contradictory to what the Communist party promotes. As per Rule 112 of the Constitution of Communist Party of India(Marxist) , appointment in fixed lay is nothing but a forcefully imposed exploitation upon the working class. Speaking on this issue Tripura Govt Employees Coordination Committee's Secretary General Ajay Biswas said," A Communist Govt cannot appoint unemployed in fixed pay because this will only strengthen the very foundation of the Capitalists. Only a Capitalist firm or Govt can impose such exploitation upon its employees. But unfortunately in Tripura, Manik Sarkar led CPI(M) Govt is now simply following the policy of the Capitalists. Thus, this govt cannot be called a Communist Govt."

Ajay Biswas said," Even the states ruled by the Congress and BJP state governments are recruiting the employees on regular pay scales. But a so called Communist govt here in Tripura is depriving its employees in the name of fixed pay. " It is to be mentioned here that few months before state govt collected employees data format of each and every govt employee working in different department under the state govt. But a top level Govt official informed TIWN over phone," Govt has not mentioned that the employees have been appointed as fixed pay. But these emoyees have been shown as regular employees." The official also said that in some departments Fixed Pay Employees were shown as Fixed Pay but the state govt recollected the employees data of those employees strictly instructing the DDOs not to mention the as Fixed Pay. And accordingly the DDOs were forced to resend the profiles of fixed pay employees showing them as Regular ( in the prescribed format). This clearly indicates that the state govt is taking shelter in lies.

         Ajay Biswas presented a data based on the deprivation of fixed pay employees. Following is the statement of how much the Fixed pay employees are now getting their  monthly salaries( as on 31st January 2014):-

1) Group D Employee.......................Rs 5630/-

2) LDC/UGT/Work Assistant ...........Rs 7779/-

3) Graduate Teacher ........................Rs 9259/-

4) Post Graduate Teacher ...............Rs 10599/-

But a state govt employee working as Regular Pay Scale is now getting his/her monthly salary as per the following structure:-

1) Group D Employee ......................Rs 12054/-

2) LDC/UGT/Work Assistant ................Rs 15646/-

3) Graduate Teacher .............................Rs 19404/-

4) Post Graduate Teacher .....................Rs 22153/-

Based on the above statistics the monthly and yearly deprivation of the state govt employees are as follows:-

1)A Group D Employee is now being deprived of Rs 6424/- per month and annually Rs 77088/-

2) An UGT/LDC Work Assistant is now being deprived of Rs 7867/- per month and annually Rs 94404/-

3) A Graduate Teacher is now being deprived of Rs 10145/- per month and annually Rs 121740/-

4) A Post Graduate Teacher is being deprived of Rs 11554/- per month and annually Rs 138648/-

       Apart from this a fixed pay employee in his tenure of five years as Fixed Pay is also being deprived of five yearly increments of @3% each. Moreover, during these five years term the fixed pay employees did not get the essential benefits like GPF, HRA, CA and even Medical Allowance. Even more humiliating is that when the state govt releases Dearness Allowances to its employees , the fixed lay employees are given mere Rs 38/- per 1% DA. Thus, it can be easily imagined that the fixed pay employees are now having a nightmare in Tripura. During the entire services life a state govt employees,:who is appointed as Fixed Pay for five years( after which he gets regular pay scale) is suffering from huge financial loss as shown in below:-

1) LDC/UGT/Work Assistant ..............Rs 39.75 lakh

2) Graduate Teacher ...........................Rs 52.5 lakh

3) Post Graduate Teacher ..................Rs 55 lakh .

        Speaking on this issue Ajay Biswas told this correspondent ," In 1982 the first LF Govt under Nripen Chakraborty appointed 200 teachers on fixed pay. Immediately I raised this issue in the state committee meeting( at that time Ajay Biswas was a party's Central Committee member) . But Nripenbabu and Co strongly supported the state govts decision. Under compulsion I wrote to CPI(M) Central Committee. Getting this letter CPI(M) Central Committee leaders like Jyoti Basu and EMS Nambudripad instructed Nripen Chakraborty to immediately regularize the 200 employees appointed as fixed pay stating that such type of employment is against the Rule 112 of the Cinstitution of the Communist Party of India( Marxist) . Thus, with in two months of their recruitment Nripen Chakraborty was forced to regularize them and after this during his entire tenure as Chief Minister Nripen Chakraborty and his LF Govt did not recruit any employee on fixed pay ( up to 1988). "

Unfortunately in the leadership of the so-called transperent (??) Chief Minister  has made this deprivation a permanent .


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