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Planned deprivation of State Govt Employees salary hike by Manik Sarkar & Co : Aghore Debbarma predicts salary hike will spike up liquor consumption
Amitabha Sengupta
Planned deprivation of State Govt Employees salary hike by Manik Sarkar & Co : Aghore Debbarma predicts salary hike will spike up liquor consumption
PHOTO : Aghore Debbarma speaking at State Engineers Association of Tripura on Nov 9. TIWN File Photo

AGARTALA, November 14 (TIWN): PDS leader Ajay Biswas reacted sharply against Tribal Welfare Minister Aghore Debbarma's humiliating remark on state govt employees made in the State Engineers Association of Tripura(SEAT)'s conference held in Agartala Town Hall. Aghore Debbarma said on Nov 9 that ," We are now compelled to press handkerchief on our face as bad smell comes out from the mouth of many employees. And whenever salaries of state employees are increased, huge number of employees are found to gather in front of liquor shops." All the engineers were shocked at this humiliating remark from the minister. In the name of 'Deprivation of 13th Finance Commission Left Front and CPI(M) collectively and very successfully collapsed the economy of the state and once again the party is on its way to make the same type of false campaign during the tenure of 14th Finance Commission clearly knowing that Finance Commission will not propose for allocation of funds from the Centre unless State Govt. pays Central Pay Scale to the state govt employees as per the recommendation of 6th Pay Commission.

On Thursday PDS leader Ajay Biswas too came out strongly protesting the insulting remarks of Aghore Debbarma. Ajay Biswas told TIWN," I now have serious amount of doubt how Aghore Debbarma can be called a Communist! In a civilized world this kinds of words can never be uttered by a communist or a gentleman." However, Ajay Biswas said that now the way CPI(M) party is running its govt in Tripura completely forgetting the ideologies of communists this kind of remark is just a follow up of what the Chief Minister Manik Sarkar used to say. Manik Sarkar too once said that increase salary will lead to diabetes of the employees, said Biswas.  But Aghore Debbarma's comment clearly shows how shameless he is. Biswas said that All India Employees Federation which is the organ of CPI(M) often struggles demanding increase in salary. But after the remark of Aghore Debbarma one should ask him," Are the employees at the national level having higher pay scales always stand in front of wine shops? This is a total indecent remark from a man holding a responsible position." Actually Manik Sarkar and his govt has deprived the total employees class in the name of 13th Pay Commission's deprivation.

      Due to the intentional and one sided attitude of state govt , chiefly by the Chief Minister Manik Sarkar govt employees of Tripura will have a terrible future in future. From 1st January 2016 Central Govt will implement the proposals of the 7th Pay Commission for its employees. But in Tripura Manik Sarkar & Co is still busy in putting the blame upon the 13th Finance Commission. Eyeing the impact of state govt's negative policy PDS leaders led by its Secretary General Ajay Biswas met the Finance Secretary, Govt of Tripura on 27th October and warned him of the possible consequences of the grant yo be released by the 14th Finance Commission . He said," If the state govt does not implement the proposals of the 6th Pay Commission and make the expenditure committed , state will against suffer like it has during the 5 years tenure of 13th Finance Commission. " As such for the interest of the state govt employees Ajay Biswas calls for a united movement from all the employees . He said that by its old policy state govt is all set to make the economy of the state 'a crippled one'. The truth of the state employees is given bellow by means of a comperaative study below:-

       Time and again  state govt was asked to give Central Pay scale to the state govt employees and make the expenditure committed one so that 14th Finance Commission can make the same proposal to the Centre for allocation of funds.Unfortunately state govt is yet to follow the same negative policy though the 14th Pay Commission was supposed to submit its report in October this year but now it 14th Finance Commission once again extended its time upto 31st December 2014 for the final submission of its report to the Centre. But till date neither state govt nor Chief Minister Manik Sarkar seems to be interested to implement Central Pay scale as per 6th Pay Commission.

     Indeed, state govt employees are again on the verge sheer financial deprivation simply due to the negative attitude of Left Govt. And once again it is sure that the economy of the state will suffer greatly as the state givt employees a significant part in keeping the economy of the state in right direction. Even now there is a bleak chance of recovery. If state govt declares Central Pay scale and makes it immediate effect, 14th Finance Commission will consider this additional expenses as Committed Expenditure.

     In this connection we would like to present a statistical record before our readers and followers. Being a Special Category State Tripura got Rs 7411.50 crore from 13th Finance Commission(for the year 2010-2015)  compare to 12th Finance Commission's sanction of Rs 2626.09cr as part of its share of Central Tax. Thus, it is open to all that 13th Finance Commission has sanctioned 182% more than what the 12th Finance Commission did. Even in Non-plan fund 13th Finance Commission has given Tripura Rs 1263 crore compare to Rs 296 of the 12th Finance Commission an increase of 326%. Among the Special Category state that get share of Central Tax Tripura is in the 4th position is reagard to fund sanction from 13th Commission. Moreover, as Gap Grant from 13th Commission Tripura got Rs 240.79 cr more (13th Finance Commission considered state'as own earning as Rs 4484.24 though state govt submitted the report saying the earning as Rs 4728.93cr ).

    Now consider how much the state govt employees get as compared to Central govt employees (6th Pay Commission) from the following stats:- (As on 30/06/2014)

1) A group D employee (regular) under Govt of Tripura gets his monthly salary(Initial)  as :-

2600×1.86+1200+74%(DA+ House Rent)+ 425(MA+CA)= 10,927.64/-

But Gr D employee( regular) under Central Govt gets his monthly salary as per following structure:-

5200+1800+100%(DA)+10%(HOUSE Rent)+10%(MA)= 15400/-.

      Thus every month a Group D employee is losing Rs 4472.36/- and yearly Rs 53668.32/-. And if we consider his service period for 30 years , he will suffet a loss of  Rs 1610049.6/-

2) A Primary(UGT) Teacher or a Lower Division Clerk of a state govt ( regular) now gets his monthly salary as per following :-

     3300×1.86+1800(GP )+ 74%(DA)+525(MA+CA)= 14337/-. While a Central govt employee of the same rank gets his monthly salaray as per:-

       9300+4200(GP) +100%(DA)+10%(House Rent)+10%(MA) =29700/-

 It means every month  a state govt employee is losing Rs 15363/-  and yearly Rs 184356/-. Under this pay structure if he continues his service for 30 years state govt employee will lose Rs 55,30,680/-  


 3) A state govt employee in PB-3  is now getting a monthly salary as per:-

4200×1.86+2100+74%(DA & HOUSE Rent)+ 525(MA+ CA)= 17771.88/- while a Central Govt employee gets his salary as per :-

15600+5400(GP)+100%(DA)+10%(House Rent)+10%(MA)=46200/- .

It means that every month an employee suffers a loss of Rs 28428.12/- and his yearly loss is Rs 341137.44/-. And if he serves for 30 years his loss will be Rs 1,02,34,123.2/-.

4) Similarly state govt employee in PB-4 (regular) is now getting a monthly salary as per following pay structure -

5000× 1.86+2400+74%(including DA & HOUSE rent)+525(MA+CA)  = 20883/-

   But a Central Govt employee (Post Graduate Teacher ) is getting his salary as per following pay structure-

37400+8700+100%DA+ 10% House rent= 1,01,420/-. Thus every month state govt employee is deprived of Rs 80537/-.

      Reacting to such deprivation of employees Secretary General of Employees Coordination Committee Ajay Biswas told TIWN Correspondent over phone," Actually the story began in 1999 under the leadership of Manik Sarkar. This Govt does not want meritorious youths to attract in Teaching profession. Over the years recruitment in Education Department is being done under the clear instruction of CPI(M) leaders. That's why though Left Trade Unions including CITU is making agitations across national level demanding higher pay scale to teachers , CPI(M) govt in Tripura is acting totally against it." Ajay Biswas made a crucial point in his statement. His said," The educational policy at the national and international level is to create more and more meritorious students under quality teachers. And if you don't give enough money to teachers meritorious youths won't come to this profession. Unfortunately Left Front Govt does not want merit in education sector. It is purely against the interests of the common mass." He said that H B Road employees are now completely oblivious of the fact as their main interests seems to see the interest of the party rather than interest of employees and work culture in govt offices.

     A section of the Manik lobby was trying to campaign that former Finance Minister Badal Chowdhury was the man behind this so called deprivation. But it was a totally an intentional blame being put on an efficient minister. What they will say now as Bhanu Lal has taken the charge of Finance Ministry in May. However, the leader said that now as the 14th Finance Commission extends its time, this is the last chance for the Left Front to implement the Central Pay scale and make the expenditure a committed one. If it plays its old game (Deprivation issue) , the state is heading towards  economic catastrophe.


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