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BJP’s 2 yrs misrule ruined rural Economy, 25 years old mother’s suicide with children horrifies State : 14 hunger, poverty deaths in Tripura
TIWN March 14, 2020
BJP’s 2 yrs misrule ruined rural Economy, 25 years old mother’s suicide with children horrifies State : 14 hunger, poverty deaths in Tripura
PHOTO : Left : Mother allegedly committed suicide with children at Samukchara, Right : CM Biplab Deb, Deputy CM Jishnu Debbarma.

AGARTALA, March 14 (TIWN): BJP’s misrule ruined rural economy to such extent that starvation deaths rattling Tripura. Amid Biplab’s JUMLA claims of strong economy, the rural economy of the state is being deteriorated day by day leading suicides, hunger and massive poverty. One more hunger related suicide case reported in Tripura’s deep ADC area where a mother being frustrated of her family’s poverty poisoned her own children and then hanged herself. The family was unable to clear their daughter’s school fees, which generated massive frustration. However, police yet to declare the exact causes of deaths as investigation is underway and bodies sent for post mortem. The lifeless bodies of the children were full of poison whereas the mother’s hanging body was found by husband.

The deceased mother Jamuna Debbarma is only 25 years old who allegedly poisoned her daughter Jaba Debbarma and son Ankush Debbarma. Jaba Debbarma’s husband Andolon Kishore Debbarma found his children dead and his wife hanged herself with ceiling. The incident took place in Samukchara village under Kakrabon PS. Lots of financial stresses were going on including fees of the children’s school. Thus, out of depression, the mother has reportedly taken the step. Police however has detained the husband, taken for interrogation.This is not the first case of poverty related death but earlier also similar incident happened.At least 11 deaths have been reported in the state last year related to food and poverty including 6 Brus died in starvation in the Kanchanpur. 

When the state  was promised by a big-size Vision Document it was never imagined that the Vision Document is not related to Central Funding leading uncontrolled tax imposition on the common men. So far fuel, electricity, trade license, municipality, health services, pensions, water-taxes are subjected to be taxes in addition of slowdown of markets and Govt’s inability to provide rural mandays.

Interestingly, when local people are not getting even 50 days MGNREGA works, the two sons of BJP’s Nalchar MLA allegedly are getting more than 80 days MGNREGA works but fact is that the MLA’s sons were never seen near to the field works. BJP’s Gomati District’s Jila Parishad member also exposed for getting MGNREGA mandays.

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