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BJP Govt's 'Three-Days' Mela plan turned into a huge failure
TIWN Oct 29, 2019
BJP Govt's 'Three-Days' Mela plan turned into a huge failure
PHOTO : TIWN Pic Oct 28, 2019 Pic courtesy Dayal Hari Debnath

UDAIPUR, Oct 29 ( TIWN ) : Matabari's Diwali Mela used to stay for two days. But this time Tripura's BJP Govt decided to extend it for one day more which turned to be a huge failure as very less people came to the fair today.

Sources says that this year people have came to the fair in a very less number. And the reason is recession that all over India is facing. Poor tribal people are facing shortage of money. Poverty is devouring the whole tripura and this pathetic condition is reflecting everywhere.

Even the shopkeepers who had their stalls in Mela ground said that business was not that good like previous years. While the whole state is facing this condition, Tripura CM is busy in visiting different kali puja pandal's with his wife in helicopter.

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