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‘Kuruskshetra’ in Tripura By-Election ! 5 injured : CPI-M, Congress blocked road demanding arrests of BJP MLA and activists, BJP demands arrests of CPI-M, Congress road-blockers
TIWN Sep 22, 2019
‘Kuruskshetra’ in Tripura By-Election ! 5 injured : CPI-M, Congress blocked road demanding arrests of BJP MLA and activists, BJP demands arrests of CPI-M, Congress road-blockers
PHOTO : Opposition protesting demanding arrest of BJP leaders, activists. TIWN Pics Sep 22, 2019

AGARTALA, Sep 22 (TIWN): Tripura by-election has turned worse than previous elections in last 18 months for Tripura Police and Election Commission as for the first time, Opposition parties have fought back the “rigging trend” of the ruling BJP. Today morning an attack was reported on a CPI-M family along with threatening few opposition polling agents including CPI-M, Congress. The Congress, CPI-M along with the attack family have gone in joint protest against BJP’s rigging by blocking road. After hours of blockade, at last on police’s request it was withdrawn but condition of action against the accused against whom, CPI-M and Congress lodged FIRs. On the other side, BJP calling press conference said that CPI-M and Congress have violated model-code-of-conduct and demanded immediate arrests of the candidates and the agitators. After that Congress also held a counter press conference saying BJP’s attacks are not fictitious but under full evidence. CPI-M has submitted written complaint to the Election Commission.

CPI-M has written a complaint to the Chief Electoral officer that CPI-M workers were working peacefully beyond 200 metres of the booths, when the BJP held attack. CPI-M cited example of previous elections and demanded immediate arrests of the BJP hooligans. CPI-M said, 5 CPI-M activists were injured.

Congress also demanded the same.

The oppositions are frightened over the night hours probable attacks by BJP which were experienced in last elections.

Tripura by-election to be conducted on tomorrow, to be started from 7 am  morning.

CPI-M took two names while agitating at the Sidhhi Asram : 1) Prasenjit Roy, 2) Santu Debnath. A huge number of CPI-M, Congress activists, leaders sat in road blockade Siddhi Aram.

The BJP reportedly has planned to attack the opposition followed by BJP woman leader’s yesterday’s threat to opposition for “Zamanat Zabd”. Today, BJP MLA Sushanta Chowdhury said that CPI-M, Congress are trying to create a terror-situation so that voters do not come to cast votes.

The incident occurred after opposition members were posting banners in a shop. The BJP activists allegedly also attempted to burn the shop and then attacked the family of the local shop-keeper and a child in the house was attempted to be beaten, said CPI-M.

Demanding immediate arrest of the BJP activists and BJP MLA Ramprasad Pal, CPI-M, Congress blocked road. Local police officers rushed to the spot but the anger of the CPI-M supporters went high. They said, this time if BJP attacks them, they will also attack back but anyhow they will cast votes. Police official Subrata Chakraborty assured that law and order will be blanketed with heavy security.

The party candidates Bulti Biswas (CPI-M), Ratan Das (Congress) were also present in the road blockade. FIR has been lodged by CPI-M , Congress against BJP and BJP lodged FIR against CPI-M and Congress.  

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