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'Businessmen now have to give Rs. 2 lakhs for trade license in Tripura', Congress says, ‘It’s Jizyah Tax’
TIWN Sep 21, 2019
'Businessmen now have to give Rs. 2 lakhs for trade license in Tripura', Congress says, ‘It’s Jizyah Tax’
PHOTO : Congress held rally for by-election at Badharghat in the last day of campaigning. TIWN Pic Sep 21, 2019

AGARTALA, Sep 21 (TIWN): Indian State Govts specially which are in BJP rule are allegedly under heavy pressures due to national economic disaster done in last 5 years of Modi Govt’s at centre for its wrong economic policies, but poverty gripped states like Tripura which has no industrialization, low income are imposed by heavy taxes when Corporates were announced a major relaxation in taxes. Tripura Congress leader Birjit Sinha while campaigning for Congress Badharghat by-election candidate Ratan Das said that after Durga puja, the State BJP Govt is going to impose Rs. 2 lakhs of tax on the businessmen for the trade license purpose. He said, “People are afraid across Tripura. Various persons are calling us from around the state. They are in much tension, afraid about the coming days. This is nothing but Jizyah Tax”. This decision although not announced by State Govt, but if true will be another shocking decision because Govt is unable to give huge number of new jobs under Govt Depts and thus inspiring youths to push themselves into business.

Recently, Govt of Tripura also imposed fees on Govt hospitals, which created chaos, protest allover the State. Such impositions of taxes amid resentments further ensures the ongoing national economic crisis and Central Govt’s inability to fund the states. 

However, the State Govt has not announced about this trade-license issue officially yet, but learnt from Congress first today.

Today is the last day of Badharghat by-election campaigning and all the political parties are busy in campaigning at their best. 

While addressing, Congress leader Subal Bhowmik said, "Congress will definitely win in the Badharghat by-election. People are frustrated of the Govt. The way one after one anti-people decisions are being taken the ruling party can not survive".

Birjit Sinha said, "People have only one voice and they are just saying that they committed mistake by voting BJP and nothing much they say".

Badharghat by-election to be conducted on September 23rd and today is the last day for the campaigning. No untoward incident has been reported from anywhere yet. 

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