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Champamura double murder case : Son arrested in suspect of killing Parents, daughter-in-law booked for interrogation
TIWN July 23, 2019
Champamura double murder case : Son arrested in suspect of killing Parents, daughter-in-law booked for interrogation
PHOTO : 2 arrested in Champamura murder case. TIWN Pic July 23

AGARTALA, July 23 (TIWN): Champamura double murder case is now taking twists as son was arrested in suspect of killing own parents and then hanging their bodies at home. However, police still investigating the incident to find out it was a murder or suicide. The couple at the age of 50 Jatindra Das and his wife Sikha Das were found hanging in own house at Champamura followed by a family issue between his wife and his parents. Son Debashish Das has been arrested after interrogation and wife’s interrogation is going on. It was suspected as murder as blood clots were found in their bodies and the daughter in law told media that her husband was in very angry mood regarding family issues. Police said without post mortem nothing can be said, but blood spots are visible in their bodies. However, the accused Debashish Das while addressing media on yesterday said that he doesn’t know how it happened as he was in lock-up on yesterday night after his wife complained in police station. On that time, his wife was in Debasish's friend’s home. Spotting unmatched statements police have brought both of them for interrogation and already arrested Debashish Das.

 Police is not yet sure, whether it was murder or suicide.

High rate of murder incidents have always been a matter of concern. In a shocking revelation it was seen that when in 2018 the numbers of murder cases were 67 throughout the year but only in 2019’s first months 67 murders took place.There are average 10 murders in Tripura per month which has increased now in May, June. In 2019 January 6, February 10, March 14, April 10, May 11, June 16.In 2018, 67 murders took place whereas in 2019 only in 6 months 67 murders reported. At least 255 rioting cases were filed in police stations across Tripura in 2018 a drastically hike than the previous years. The crime rate was not less in Tripura in the last one decade and still on high.

 Govt and Police however have said, it is totally focused on the conviction rate which is hugely higher than the previous Govt’s time.

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