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TIWN Editor writes to Supreme Court CJI against Tripura Lower Court Judge’s Illegal Order : TIWN to file revision petition against Judge’s Illegal Order, Serious bias allegation raised against lower Court Judge
TIWN May 8,2019
TIWN Editor writes to Supreme Court CJI against Tripura Lower Court Judge’s Illegal Order : TIWN to file revision petition against Judge’s Illegal Order, Serious bias allegation raised against lower Court Judge
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AGARTALA, May 8 (TIWN): TIWN Editor Saumen Sarkar wrote to Hon. Chief Justice of India, Sri Ranjan Gogoi about the gross irregularities in Lower court, under Judicial Magistrate Smt. Mitra Das, who delivered instant order of blocking based on a fake allegation filled FIR without sending any notice to accused party, i.e TIWN. Judicial Magistrate Mitra Das violated Law by stepping out of her Jurisdiction by announcing an order under Indian IT Act 2000 69A, which Judge has no jurisdiction. On top of that Judge Mitra Das didn’t issue any notice to accused Party, i.e TIWN Editor and delivered an ex-party order to block TIWN Editor is challenging this illegal order in upper court and requested Hon. Supreme Court to start an investigation in gross irregularities carried out by Judicial Magistrate Mitra Das’s court. (TIWN) Editor Saumen Sarkar in a live talk show has blasted Biplab Deb Govt and its corrupt public machinery to manipulate the democratic rights. Saumen Sarkar  informed a deep intrigue was played by Biplab Deb in nexus with Police and Justice Mitra Das to block “As you know at least 50 to 60 national media have reported on the controversy in the family of Chief Minister Biplab Deb. Tripurainfoway also filed news along with other news media, but what next the Chief Minister did ordered the arrest of innocent journalist Saikat Talapatra. They have filed case against me, Congress leader Tapas Dey and many more, whereas to post anything in Facebook does not come under any crime”, said Saumen Sarkar.

“Facebook is an American company. To post something in that is never a crime but OC of West PS who himself came under High Court scanner in 2014 and High Court stopped his promotion, convicted him for lying and illegal arrest of an innocent person, now has filed few baseless cases against me filed by none other than one smuggling-partner of Pratima Bhowmik”, said Saumen Sarkar.

“All good people have left the party BJP and trashes only left just like Education Minister Ratanlal Nath, who harassed women teachers, students in various times. What kind of leader is he who are insulting teachers in front of their students. Ratanlal Nath’s main identity is Rose Valley scamster along with some media persons like Sandyan’s Subal Dey and Headlines Tripura’s Pranab Sarkar”, said Sarkar.

“Just like media world is now led by some corrupts, in case of administration, people have seen how corrupt IPS officer Rajiv Singh was removed by Election Commission of India due to his nexus with BJP’s political criminals. In case of IAS Officers, West Tripura DM Sandeep Mahatme has helped BJP to rig the election. But at last Election Commission has removed them. This is Indian Democracy, where the wheel of law moves even if it late sometimes and in the wheel of law all corrupt people are destroyed”, said Saumen Sarkar.

Saumen Sarkar further said, “Via police Biplab Deb is harassing innocents in Tripura.Understanding their defeat in the upcoming re-poll in West Tripura, the BJP is trying at its best to suffocate the voice of freedom. As you know the only fearless media is Tripurainfoway. Biplab Deb’s temporary power can’t to anything to me, neither they can do to Tripurainfoway”.

“Instead of fulfilling promises given to the people including 50000 govt jobs, these frauds have filed a fabricated case. We do not know what happened in CM’s family but various national media from Delhi have published news on 25th April evening. Such media have huge stocks of news and so without proof they will not file any news for Tripura CM like person”, he said.

“Instead of filing case against media houses and filing defamation case by CM him himself via some smugglers like Sunit Sarkar, Biplab Deb has filed case which are totally fabricated and will not be stable. First of all neither Biplab Deb and his wife Niti Deb till day haven’t filed any case against me and all fabricated cases like blocking of website, extortion was filed. What surprising is that the day Sunit Sarkar filed a case against me, on the next day OC-Subrata Chakraborty rushed to the court and then Judicial Magistrate first class M Das without following the law and justice system, without notifying the opposition party who is me gave verdict of blocking website. I want to tell Mrs M Das that I have filed complaint to Chief Justice of India already and will take strict action further. With that report, on that very day the Central Telecommunication Dept sent letter to the domain in America to block Tripurainfoway but sadly for Biplab Deb, the domain has marked Govt of India’s intrigue as “attack on media”.

Saumen Sarkar further added, the Judicial Magistrate Smt Mitra Das did an illegal act by conducting hearing on IT Act which lower court of Judicial Magistrate have no jurisdiction. Then Judge Smt Mitra Das did next illegal act by hurriedly passing an ex-party Order without informing the accused parties or serving any notice. This kind of wrong justice seems like under pressure or bribery by Biplab Deb Govt to pass the order. 

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