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JUMLA Minister Ratan Lal again hits Controversy for unconstitutional comment, says, ‘Relaxation in Teachers-Recruitment introduced specially for 10323 teachers’
TIWN May 6, 2019
JUMLA Minister Ratan Lal again hits Controversy for unconstitutional comment, says, ‘Relaxation in Teachers-Recruitment introduced specially for 10323 teachers’
PHOTO : Left : 10323 Teachers protesting for livelihood, Right : Education Minister Ratanlal Nath. TIWN File Photos.

AGARTALA / NEW DELHI, May 6 (TIWN): Tripura Education Minister Ratanlal Nath is once again under controversial limelight as now he said that the recently managed Relaxation in Teachers Recruitment managed by State Govt by taking permission from MHRD was specially meant for 10323 teachers. Ratanlal Nath said this while reacting over the ongoing controversy regarding his previous speech after he said, “10323 teachers are incapable”. Ratanlal Nath’s previous comment erupted massive resentment among the 10323 teachers who held a protest at the Rabindra Bhawan premise warning the Minister to file a “defamation case” on May 2nd. But this particular statement of Nath about "Relaxation" matters has further erupted controversy as already B.Ed holder, TET qualified unemployed youth crossing over 700 numbers yet to be recruited but Govt has introduced relaxation for Teachers Recruitment. This relaxation made the youths happy who do not have any B.Ed degree, but as now again the Education Minister said that the relaxation was brought for the 10323 teachers it has erupted huge anger among unemployed youths.

Moreover, here Govt has exposed for “lies” as it brought relaxation on the basis of “teachers crisis” not for 10323 teachers, Also, this unconstitutional to bring advance relaxation with pre-set interview process.

On yesterday, CPI-M’s youth wings TYF, DYFI have condemned Education Minister Ratanlal Nath’s recently uttered insulting remarks against ad-hoc 10323 teachers violating Supreme Court of India’s verdict.

DYFI General Secretary Nabarun Deb said, “Even after holding a constitutional post, Ratanlal Nath has insulted the Supreme Court of India by taking Court’s name to justify his lies. This is not a matter of joke that the Education Minister has uttered. Previously, Ratanlal Nath had visited schools, colleges, insulted lady teachers, found liquor bottles from school premise. But this time, he has insulted the Supreme Court also”.

DYFI, TYF have demanded that Govt should solve the problems of 10323 teachers and the Minister must do apology for his remark.

In a latenight protest on May 2nd, insulted 10323 teachers over Education / Law Minister RatanlalNath’s controversial comment regarding 10323 teachers, the teachers told media, “We condemn the ongoing defamation on Chief Minister, but what about our defamation which is done by this Minister day-night ? He has called us incapable and also said, Govt is bound to keep the teachers in job whereas when qualified candidates will come, the 10323 teachers will be removed from the post. We want to ask, after such comment can we face the little children in the school ? Are our certificates Fake ? Our marks can be less but do we carrying duplicate certificates ?

The next hearing of 10323 teachers is on 10th May and for the hearing also, Ratanlal Nath has blamed CPI-M Govt for all these happening. 


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