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‘Modi converting Northeast into Kashmir’, Tripura Left Parties slam Modi’s claim of 'State-Centre double-engine developing Northeast'
TIWN Feb 11, 2019
‘Modi converting Northeast into Kashmir’, Tripura Left Parties slam Modi’s claim of 'State-Centre double-engine developing Northeast'
PHOTO : (Top-Left): PM Modi's rally at Astabal on February 8, (Top-Right): Bijan Dhar held press meet, Other Pics : #GoBackNarendraModi protest. TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, Feb 11 (TIWN): After CPI-M Ministers Badal Choudhury, Ratan Bhowmik, MP Shankar Prasad Datta and a huge numbers of CPI-M leaders were attacked since Modi’s departure on February 9, Left Front parties in Tripura have slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claim of ‘peaceful environment’ in state under Tripura-Delhi’s double-engine. Addressing media at Melarmath Party office, CPI-M leader Bijan Dhar said, it’s the double engine of ‘lies’ of Modi and Biplab Deb where various companies, airlines are quitting the state. Talking about the ongoing unrest across Northeast, Bijan Dhar has slammed PM Modi accusing his NDA Govt for creating communal disharmony with controversial bills and agenda. He said, whereas CPI-M has always attempted to develop the harmony existing among various communities, Modi Govt is converting the states under Northeast into Kashmir. “Such situation never aroused in Tripura. Prime Minister could not hold a single meeting properly during his two days visit in Northeast. Everywhere he was shown black flags”, said Bijan Dhar.

Mentioning pre-poll condition in Tripura in 2017-18, Bijan Dhar alleged, before the Election, BJP instead of protesting against separate land demand of IPFT, had hold secret meetings with them aimed to defeat Left Front Govt.

“Today the lies which they promised to IPFT before Assembly poll is exposed and now BJP is failed to fulfill its promise. As a result, the situations are running out of control. This flaw inside BJP is now attempted to be used by other parties for vote banks. CPI-M has always attempted to develop the unity among communities, as this is mandatory for any development”, he said.

“The Citizenship Amendment Bill has turned Northeast into fiery. Various problems are creating due to the controversial amendment bill’s placing”, the Marxist leader told media here.

Regarding ADC development, Bijan Dhar said, except changing the name of ADC into ATC nothing has been done. Rather the condition of ADC was always better than other Northeast states in Tripura always.Here, 50% reservation was for women in already, whereas other Northeast states yet don’t have.

“In Modi’s rally both Modi and Biplab Deb talked nothing about state problems. Both of them were busy in praising each-other and that is called the double engine of BJP”, said Bijan Dhar.

Bijan Dhar further slammed both Tripura CM and PM for skipping unemployment issues, MGNREGA mandays’ nil condition, slashing of beneficiaries from the social pension list.

Reacting over, Modi’s claim of “Majboot Govt”, Bijan Dhar said, “For what a stable Govt is needed ? For whom ? For the corporates to loot banks ?”

“Where are missed call jobs ? House to house jobs ? Rather existing recruitments were cancelled. Promise on 50000 vacant posts’ filling up left yet to be fulfilled. No job has been given except few OSD and BJP IT persons recruitments.TET, TPSC all recruitments are stopped”, the CPI-M leader added in complaint.

“Earlier MGNREGA 90% works were held in CPI-M’s time and now not even 30 days of works are given. Huge pending wages are reported. Wage hike promise of BJP at 340 is a dream, not even 170 is given to MGNREGA workers in reality”, he said. 

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