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Will Opposition in Tripura learn lessons from CM Jayalalitha's fate and DMK's role? Or they will work as per 'Behind the Curtains' agreement?
Amitabha Sengupta
Will Opposition in Tripura learn lessons from CM Jayalalitha's fate and DMK's role? Or they will work as per 'Behind the Curtains' agreement?

AGARTALA, September 29 (TIWN): Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha is convicted and sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment in disproportionate assets case lodged against her by her rival party DMK and by one of the most renowned lawyers in the country Subhramanium Swami. With this verdict the so-called 'Amma' of Tamil politics has also been disqualified as legislator in the Assembly or in Parliament for next 6 years. Even she has been ousted from the post of Chief Minister. The verdict given by the lower court came after almost eighteen years but this has once again raised the concerns about the moral character of politicians in the country.Before this Chief Ministers like Madhu Koda, Laloo Prasad Yadav, Om Prakash Chouthala and Jagannath Mishra and many other CMs were jailed for corruption.

       It all started in the year 1996 when the DMK , the then ruling party in Tamil Nadu, lodged a case accusing Jayalithaa of disproportionate wealth during her Chief Ministerial regime from 1991-1996 ( in this five years she mysteriously amassed more than Rs 60 crore). During these years of trial Jayalalitha tried to use all her resources - money as well as political influence- to take the case in her favour. Though many politicians slipped out of justice(by sheer luck or money power) but the strength of Indian democracy and Judiciary is such that once one is proven guilty, he or she, however powerful may be, will be sent behind the bars. And as such ' Gamma' is now having her times inside the prison. 

But will the opposition parties in Tripura take lessons from this episode? In the year 1993 when the Left Front Govt returned to power with thumping majority, many of its leaders were suffering from poverty, not even sometimes twice meals in a day. But during these years of absolute domination of the Left Front led by CPI(M) most of its leaders have succeeded to gain so much wealth that now they are having luxurious style of life. Mysteriously from a simple local committee member to the top most leaders in Melarmath , most of them have now assets of more than a million and some even crossed the barriers of 1 Crore and more. But in most of the cases these leaders are not punished by the Judiciary because nobody has lodged any complaint against any of these corrupted leaders. Some months back, a news showing a local committee leader lying in bed with his body covered with bundles of notes. Of course his party has suspended him but this has been the strategy of the CPI(M) to guard its corrupt leaders. By means of suspension or expulsion an attempt is being made to divert the attention of the people from the main point :- ' How has the leader amassed such wealth?' In one deeply considers the life style of the leaders of ruling party ( from 1993-2014) definitely radical changes are visible. The once simple huts have been transformed into multi-storeyed buildings with all amenities of luxury.

     Interestingly the opposition parties especially Congress is significantly silent about all such ' hard earned money(?)' of the ruling party leaders. None of the ruling party leaders is accused under ' Prevention of Corruption Act' and the IPC.

Several questions that are arising out of such stand taken by the opposition parties in Tripura, are presented below for the consideration of's valued readers:

1) Is there any 'behind the curtains' agreement between the ruling and oppositions to guard each other in allegations like corruption?

2) Is a section of opposition leaders aware that if allegations are raised against ruling party leaders of ' diproportionate assets', same can be done against them as well?

3) Are the opposition party leaders scared that putting allegation against the ruling party leaders can be a 'boomerang' against them as well?

4) Are the opposition parties in Tripura working jointly with similar understanding?



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