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Udaipur : HM busy in amusement; students compelled to remain in rain soaked classes, Rs 4 crore building completed but no fund for inauguration?
Arunabha Bhaumik
Udaipur : HM busy in amusement; students compelled to remain in rain soaked classes, Rs 4 crore building completed but no fund for inauguration?
PHOTO : Filthy Old School Building of Tripura Sundari Higher Secondary School. TIWN Pic

Udaipur, September 29 (TIWN): School is the place, all the activities of a school are planned keeping in mind for the overall well being of the students. But at some points there are some exceptions to these. And such an incident is now taking place in Udaipur ,where the students of a Tripura Sundari Higher Secondary School, are simply attending their classes in the most unhealthy condition. Indeed, a school, which has a snow-white coloured new building involving a cost of Rs 4 crore, it is really unbelievable that the students will have to attend the rain soaked unhygienic rooms of the schools . This situation simply reminds the famous line of the story called ," The School That I would Like" wriiten by Williams , a 15 years old boy, where it said," It is difficult to think of another sphere of social activity in which the opinions of the customer are so persistently overlooked."

       It is alleged that due to the callousness of the Headmaster Dinesh Bhowmik , the inaugural programme of the newly constructed building of the Tripura Sundari H S School, is being delayed day after day leading the students to continue their classes in an 'abominable den'. Who will believe that the construction company will have over the building without electrification and other facilities? To the utter dismay of parents the Gomati District level officials of the School Education Department are now simply overlooking the horrible situation that may even lead to catastrophe. Technical experts say that at any time the old building, in which the students are compelled to continue their classes, may break down.

       The Headmaster is learnt to have an unholy relationship with the construction agency and due to this electrification work is being delayed. Again,the question, which is arising from the situation is that why has the Headmaster took the chanrge of the new building once he was assured that electrification work was not completed? It is also learnt that the construction agency has handed over the new building on 18th August but no complaint has been lodged in the DEO office about it. However, it is learnt that to keep his family amusement intact Headmaster Dinesh Bhowmik has taken a loan of Rs 60000/-  from SSA fund. When this was discovered, Headmaster took a loan of Rs 50000/- from GPF fund and returned it to the SSA fund on Friday. Still there is Rs 10000/- to be returned. Who will look over? Many teachers in the state are with the opinion that as long as this administrative set up is working in School Education, this type of irregularities will remain, there will be no radical change in the work culture . “UNNATISHIL GOMATI “campaign by Gomati District Administration need to focus on these issues first , rather than blowing empty horns of development."

For the interests of our viewers we have given two pictures  to guess the real situation. (The panoramic one is of the newly built building below and the old school building on top)  


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