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SP issues ambiguous orders: Shielding the illegal transporters
SP issues ambiguous orders: Shielding the illegal transporters

AGARTALA, September 28 (TIWN): Sleeping With Open Eyes. The President colour awarded Tripura Police have been suffering from this sleep disorder. And the same has been paving the way for multipurpose (!) illicit activities across the state and cross border further, to add insult to the injuries. Multipurpose, because both the protector and the predator are gaining wholesome amount keeping the laws and orders aside.

By now, the common mass used to know about the “under the table understanding” of Police department with the wrongdoers to pocket the lions share of the illegal and immoral works and a recent release of the Code of Conduct, issued from the Shipahijala Superintendent of Police (SP) office has made it as clear as anything. In a set of 21 directions provided to the organizers of Puja committee, clubs, social organizations, traders and merchant associations, the SP office has either mistakenly or incidentally accepted the fact that some vehicles are used to transport illegal goods.

According to the directives, the number 10 direction states – “No money in the name of subscriptions can be collected from the drivers, conductors and the passengers by stopping their vehicles on the way.  Police will take stringent action, if someone tries to break the law. All sorts of vans and vehicles loaded with raw materials, fishes, cows and ILLEGAL ARTICLES should not be asked for any subscription.” So, the authority itself is well acquainted with the fact that illegal articles are transported and traded.

Meanwhile, the letter having the seal of SP (Traffic) was issued on last August 8. Regarding the same, when the SP was contacted he

To further strengthen the evidences, the TWIN sources undertook a deep investigation to scale the reach and repercussion of the trading of the objectionable articles. The TIWN sources revealed, a cow trader of Charilam (popularly named as Naru) is involved in cow trading and he is reported to be brought cows from Karimganj to Churaibari, illegally. And his network is well established in Bisramganj, Melaghar and Sabroom. His flourishing business is growing by leaps and bounds as daily 70 trucks operate under Naru’s business and he is entitled to a commission of Rs 300 per vehicle. So, a cow trader is earning an amount of Rs 21,000 per day.

Now, the other side of the story is that the club authorities are telling: “Why the Police are obstructing us to take subscription from the illegal persons, at least we can perform the Puja by having money from them and the same denotes nothing but the fact that the Police are also getting the share of the unauthorised money.”

TIWN correspondent attempted to contact the office of Seepahijala SP and ASP office but none could be contacted so to have the clarification of such ambiguous texts in a letter, issued from the SP office.   


SP (Shiphahijala) issued a direction for Puja Committies.

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