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TAX : 'Paid' parking zone launched in Battala as 'Thieves Increased'
TIWN Oct, 2018
TAX : 'Paid' parking zone launched in Battala as 'Thieves Increased'
PHOTO : TRTC launched paid parking zone. TIWN Pic Oct 3

AGARTALA, Oct 3 (TIWN): BJP's Jumla-policy of mass fooling continues as till day Govt failed to give any free service to the people and lives are becoming costly in the capital city Agartala day by day.

Introducing compulsory "paid parking zone" at Rs. 10 per bike in the old TRTC office located in Battala, TRTC Chairman Alik Majumder said, "The thieves have increased so much in the city that a biker is not sure whether he will find his bike after shopping and thus we have introduced a paid parking zone". 

However, report says that now people can not keep their bikes without paying, which will although increase the revenue of the Govt but for even Rs. 30  shoping they now have to pay Rs. 10 to the TRTC,

Alik Majumder said, "In last 25 years, under Communist Govt TRTC colud not utilze the area, but now we are trying to utilize it and also helping the people".

With these , except in the old TRTC office, bikes can't be kept in any other place. 

The parking cost will be 10 rupees, whereas per month a person has to give Rs. 300 according to calculation. 

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