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BJP ruled states celebrate Surgical Strike Day : 800 Indian soldiers killed during Modi era, BJP Politicize Army’s Surgical Operations as Modi’s success to grab Votebank
TIWN Sep 29, 2018
BJP ruled states celebrate Surgical Strike Day : 800 Indian soldiers killed during Modi era, BJP Politicize Army’s Surgical Operations as Modi’s success to grab Votebank
PHOTO : CM paying tribute to martyrs in Albert Ekka Park. TIWN Pic Sep 29

AGARTALA, Sep 29 (TIWN): JUMLA Party’s penchant for votebank even spending crores on media publicity for Indian Army’s surgical strikes success is a lameduck attempt by Modi Govt to charm masses when historic price rise of Petrol, Diesel to falling Rupee termed Modi’s biggest failures. BJP ruled States today have celebrated Modi claimed 'Surgical Strike', whereas Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb has mentioned it is the 'First Surgical Strike' by Govt of India( but the fact is Indian Army conducted many surgical strikes in past). Mamata Banerjee led Bengal Govt clearly denied the proposed celebration mentioning it's a National mourning day, when so many soldiers of India were killed. However, it is the first surgical strike which gain political motivation under Modi Govt, but it is not the first surgical strike as the previous Govts of India were committed to maintain the secrecy. After independence Kargir war was the major winning rather than much politicized Modi led Surgical Strike, which was termed by opposition leader Rahul Gandhi in Parliament as 'Jumla Strike'. A programme in Tripura was organized in the Albert Ekka park in Lichu Bagan Agartala remembering martyrs.

But at the same time no tribute was paid to Tripura's killed youth Chittaranjan Debbarma was was killed under Modi Govt by Pakistani militants and in case of Kashmir, problems at there have increased more but the celebration of the "failure" is going on across Tripura and other BJP ruled states. 

Chief Minister Biplab Deb said, before surgical strike India was considered as a 'Third World Country' but now India is just like Russia, America. 

However, according to Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb there is no more 'terror' in Kashmir existing today, totally ignoring the problems inside Kashmir which have increased double and since 2014 800 Indian soldiers were killed under Modi era.     TIWN Youtube Video

It was in the last week, the government unveiled its plans to celebrate surgical strike Day on 29 September, to commemorate the cross-border operation India had carried out against terror camps in Pakistan two years ago. Almost on cue, the Indian army chief general Bipin Rawat called out for another “stern action” against Pakistan to avenge the recent death of Indian soldiers on the border, alluding to another surgical strike.

At the same time, the opposition has attacked the government for accepting an invitation for an India-Pakistan dialogue, partly contributing to India pulling out from the talks at the last minute. These developments are indicative of a fundamental transformation of India’s strategic culture—New Delhi now seems to be making strategic choices based on psychological gratification rather than to achieve well-thought-out goals. This is a dangerous trend that is likely to further worsen the already deteriorating security situation in South Asia.

To be sure, celebrating the surgical strike day—the day India gave a “strong answer” to Pakistan, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi—may prove to be politically popular and an opportunity for self-congratulation.

Celebrating something requires one to reflect on its legacy. However, this cannot happen in a vacuum. To truly celebrate this military operation, one must put it in the larger context and ask if it has proved to be good or bad for India’s security in the long run", stated Sandeep Bhardwaj who is a researcher, Centre for Policy Research.

Indian policy should be to constantly prop up the normative strength of the LoC and insist on its legitimacy and unassailability. Instead, successive governments have unwittingly gone along with Pakistan in reducing the LoC’s value. Celebration of surgical strike Day would be another egregious step in this direction. After all, essentially what India would be celebrating is its decision to violate the LoC. In effect, it would be admitting that LoC is not a sacred border endowed with all the legal and normative strengths of an international boundary, but rather simply a frontline that either countries may choose to violate whenever they please.

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