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‘Tripura Govt’s budget for MGNREGA allocates only 15 mandays’
TIWN Sep 20, 2018
‘Tripura Govt’s budget for MGNREGA allocates only 15 mandays’
PHOTO : Congress President Birjit Sinha addressing at Circuit House. TIWN Pic Sep 20

AGARTALA, Sep 20 (TIWN): Congress President Birjit Sinha on Thursday has claimed, Tripura Govt’s budget for MGNREGA mandays can not provide above 15 days mandays to the people.

Addressing in a rally conducted by Youth Congress, Birjit Sinha said, “BJP Govt has kicked the bellies of poor people. The budget is very low at Rs. 300 crores. Rs 300 cores budget hardly can give 15 days mandays to the people in a year”.

“MGNREGA was launched by Congress Govt to hold the rural economy, but since Modi Govt sat in power it started to curb the mandays with its anti-poor policy and this year BJP govt in Tripura has also betrayed the hope of poor people. Rural Tripura has left today workless under 6 months of BJP-govt”, Sinha added.

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