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Amit Shah, Modi, Deodhar, Biplab, Himanta promised 7th CPC from March 4,2018 : JUMLA Masters fooled Tripura ??
TIWN Sep 19, 2018
Amit Shah, Modi, Deodhar, Biplab, Himanta promised 7th CPC from March 4,2018 : JUMLA Masters fooled Tripura ??

AGARTALA, Sep 19 (TIWN): TIWN is the first media that has categorically predicted that State employees of Tripura won't get the benefits of 7th CPC in the 2018 as BJP-IPFT govt is not at all intended to implement 7th CPC as State Govt lacks funds. Modi, Amit Shah, Sunil Deodhar, Biplab Deb said in all Pre-Election rallies that 7th Pay Commission will be given to all Tripura’s 2 Lakhs Govt employees on March 4,2018 immediately after winning Election on March 3,2018. However, as a matter of eyewash all the BJP Ministers in the Cabinet are now trying to divert the attention of the employees and pensioners Tripura's Bollywood starlike stylish CM yesterday announced,"If my govt can't fulfill the pre-poll promises like imlementation of 7th CPC, increase in monthly allowance upto Rs2000/- and others, I won't contest in the next assmebly poll. "

Deb was addressing in the annual day of Amarpur's cable TV channel Amar Barta in the Amarpur Town Hall . Soon after this speech state govt extended the tenure of the Verma Committee upto 30th November 2018 . And with this extention it becomes crystal clear that during the last few months CM Biplab Deb, Dy. CM Jishnu Debbarman, Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath were all giving false promises saying,"We wll implement 7th CPC before Puja "  

Highly placed sources in state Secretariat told TIWN this morning ,"CM Biplab now has realized the truth that 7th CPC may not even be implemented before 2019 Lok Sabha Poll likely to be held towards the end of April next year . That's why he tried to present him as an emotional man so that no one can raise any question about 7th CPC." 

Interestingly , there was not a single BJP minister , who came out before the press briefing about the delay of submission of reports of Verma committee. A top level Civil Service officer(unwilling to reveal his identity)closed to state BJP's high profile leaders uttered the harsh but actual words. He said ," From BAM to RAM -cheating with the state employees continues and now we don't like to be trapped under the false promises of the ministers and BJP leaders. " 

One Tripura cadre IAS officer, presently in Govt of India service explained the reasons saying,"With the Lok Sabha poll knocking at the doors PM Modi won't be much interested with Tripura becuase there are only two(2) lok sabha constituencies in Tripura. He alnog with Amit Shah are now focussing to keep the seats that BJP got in 2014 from the states like UP, MP, Rajasthan,Gujarat and other states like Assam . At this stage Centre won't be in a position to allocate a huge amount of money as special grant for Tripura to implement 7th CPC. BJP national leaders are confidebt that BJP will easily win the two LS seats from Tripura as traditionally ruling party in Tripura wins these seats in LS poll ." 

Watch Youtube video : Modi, Himanta Biswa, Amit Shah's style of CHEATING - Amit Shah saying 7th CPC to be given on 4th March,2018, Himanta saying not to vote BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha Poll if no 7th CPC given by BJP Govt

In this year's budget session Dy CM cum Finance Minister Jishnu Devbarma said," We have kept a reserved a fund amounting to Rs 1000 crore for implemnting 7th CPC for employees and pensioners. " Right from this declaration it became clear that the state would have to depend on the Centre for extra fund of more than Rs 1700 crore if the state indeed wants to implement the same. 

Interesting thing is that the published printed budget has no mention about that Rs 1000 crore amount kept reserved for implementing 7th CPC. 

From a highly placed sources in New Delhi it is learnt that from his recent visits to Delhi CM Biplab is yet to get any assurance of extra fund to be allocated by the Centre in the very near future . As such Biplab's political gurus in Delhi advised him to go for the by-poll of 3 tier panchayat as a cunning attempt of BUYING TIME . Accordingly , returning from Delhi CM instructed state election cell to prepare for the Panchayat By-Election . Today the notification of the by-poll will be issued and model code of conduct will be in force with immediate effect . Thus, BJP-IPFT govt will get a few days to relax as the ministers ,MLAs and leaders will now be delivering speeches to befool the common and innocent voters living in rural Tripura. 

BJP’s this mass cheating of Tripura Govt Employees, depriving mass public  is not only rarest in State’s history, but common public are wondering how a bunch of fraudsters taken advantage of CPI-M era’s tortured voters deprivation by giving all kinds of wrong promises only to lure votes to win Election ? Lakhs of people now calling it ‘Batpar JUMLA Party’ as none of the proimises given in vision document are real, all FAKE propaganda.

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