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‘Viswakarma, the first Engineer’ : BMS celebrates ‘National Labour Day’ on ‘Viswakarma Puja’
TIWN Sep 17, 2018
‘Viswakarma, the first Engineer’ : BMS celebrates ‘National Labour Day’ on  ‘Viswakarma Puja’
PHOTO : BMS celebrates ‘National Labour Day’ on ‘Viswakarma Puja’. TIWN Pic Sep 17

AGARTALA, Sep 17 (TIWN): BJP backed BMS activists have celebrated National Labour Day as on the day of Viswakarma Puja.

The BMS leaders here said, it’s Viswakarma-Jayanti ! He was the architect of world !

It can be recalled that Union Minister of State for Labour and Employment Bandaru Dattatreya said in 2016 the Centre had decided to celebrate Vishwakarma Day as National Labour Day on September 17 every year, to remember his contributions for the working class. 

Speaking at the ‘Vishwakarma Day -National Labour Day Celebrations’ - organised by the Ministry of Labour and Employment here on Sunday, he said that Vishwakarma invented many types of equipment for the livelihood of thousands of workers. 

He should be considered as the first engineer in the country and his contributions should be highlighted,” Dattatreya said. As said by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, every worker is a Shram Yogi and Karma Yogi and should become as Rashtra Yogi to take part in the nation building,” he added. 

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