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‘No opposition existing in Tripura’ : claims JUMLA Guru Sunil Deodhar, Deodhar silent on Pre-Election promise of ‘Free mobile phones for Tripura’s every youths’
TIWN Sep 16, 2018
‘No opposition existing in Tripura’ : claims JUMLA Guru Sunil Deodhar, Deodhar silent on Pre-Election promise of ‘Free mobile phones for Tripura’s every youths’
PHOTO : Photos Background : BJP sponsored violence on Sep 11, the last date of nomination submission. Photo middle : Sunil Deodhar addressing media today at State Guest House.

AGARTALA. Sep 16 (TIWN): JUMLA Party’s Tripura chief Deodhar once again proved that organized terror against all opposition parties was part of party’s survival plan after FAKE promise filled cheating of Tripura masses. Tripura BJP in charge Sunil Deodhar while addressing media with Ram Madhab arrival today claimed that Tripura has no opposition party and only BJP is all in all in election, proving instead of fulfilling Vision Document’s promises, BJP has taken oath not to allow opposition to contest any election and much hyped pre-poll Free-Smart-Phone is one of those JUMLA promises. Amid massive allegation with enough evidences of Tripura Panchayat Poll rigging sponsored by BJP, Deodhar said, No opposition is there in Tripura and if anybody wants to fight, then the last opposition should be defended, his / her deposits to be halted". In another open threat ahead of Lok Sabha poll, Deodhar said has mentioned this before media. Deodhar openly exposed BJP's national party policy of “uncontested” election victory.

Noteworthy, out of 35 blocks, in total 28 blocks opposition couldn't submit nominations. The Left Party delegates also met State Election Commission G K Rao demanding re-scheduling of election procedure and to conduct a "free and fair" election.  

Apart from Left Parties (opposition), Congress (opposition), IPFT (ruling) have also demanded the same as 90 % candidates couldn't submit nominations for this upcoming by-election, but forcefully BJP is garbing the Panchayat seats as after 6 months, BJP is unable to face the masses due to its Jumla promised led by PM Modi, Amit Shah, Arun Jaitley, Ram Madhab, Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and all State BJP leaders. 

After beating IPFT activists on Sep 11 during nomination submissions, BJP forced IPFT leaders to sit in a joint press conference and to announce there is no clash existing between IPFT, BJP.

One day, before the press meet,  IPFT leader Mangal Debbarma said, "Due to the ongoing exercise of poll-violence, our most of candidates couldn't submit nominations. Boxonagar, Dura Chowmuhani, Jubarajnagar in all areas massive violence was sponsored. Police's failure to control the situation and safeguard the IPFT activists was another major reason behind it".

IPFT President NC Debbarma's Statement on Sep 12 : "Right now Tripura is undergoing by-election procedures. On yesterday, it was the last date of submitting nominations. Naturally maximum candidates from various parties attempted to submit nominations".Being asked by media, NC Debbarma said, "It's fully clear and also proven which party is sponsoring the violence across state. There is nothing to hide, but this ongoing situation is not acceptable according to democracy".

Even after much requests, State Election Commission couldn't re-schedule the nomination submission process and BJP started fake poll victory shamelessly.

In last 6 months not even properly 15 days of works have been given to the BPL families leading starvation in interior areas, whereas before the Election BJP promised to increase minimum wage at Rs. 340, Social Pension 2000, Regularization of all Govt employees, Smart Phone for youths, 7th Pay Commission and many more promises, now resulting in Jumla. 

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