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‘We make law, you work under us’ : Tripura BJP MLA threatens Police Officer
TIWN Sep 17, 2018
‘We make law, you work under us’ : Tripura BJP MLA threatens Police Officer
PHOTO : Ram Prasad Pal.

AGARTALA, Sep 17 (TIWN): BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal’s viral video exposed Ram-Bhakti policy of BJP behind party banner.

TIWN exposed how MLA Ram Prasad Pal was talking against police’s action of Sep 11 at Dukli block, the last date of filling nomination when SDPO Ajay Kumar Das imposed 100 police officials to control 500 BJP activists. Ram Prasad asked, under which law the SDPO deployed police ?

Now, another video released by opposition party, going  viral where Ram Prasad Pal is screaming over the Police official in front of BDO at Dukli block.

He not only threatened SDPO Ajay Kumar Das, but told him, “Police get power under limited situations. Law is made by us (Politicians), country is ruled by us, not by you. You have to listen to us. You have to function how we tell you”

The BJP which often accused Tripura Police when it was opposition for being partial with "Melarmath", after coming in power have turned Police Stations as Bharatiya Janata Party offices run by goons like Ram Prasad Pal.

A BJP source long back informed TIWN, “Ram Prasad Pal is a goonda”, but he was exposed at the highest level of his illiteracy rate with Dukli incident.

However, the MLA can not be called solely responsible as BJP’s national policy from Gujarat to Tripura now popular as violence policy. After Deodhar’s shocking speech on yesterday where he challenged to stop the last ‘deposit’ of opposition the issue is now more clear.

On Sep 11 at Dukli  5 police officials were injured by BJP. 

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