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Tripura undergoing 'Jungle-Raj' : Manik Sarkar
TIWN Sep 13, 2018
Tripura undergoing 'Jungle-Raj' : Manik Sarkar
PHOTO : TIWN File Photo : Ex CM Manik Sarkar addressing media.

AGARTALA, Sep 13 (TIWN): Ex-CM Manik Sarkar has alleged a "Jungle-Raj" is prevailing over Tripura under BJP ruling.

Sarkar was talking about the on-going poll violence in Tripura starting from all violence since March 3rd.

“Since March 3rd the violence began by BJP and now centering the Panchayat poll they are not even leaving own ally IPFT”, Manik Sarkar said.

“Tripura undergone a big election (Assembly Election) but on that time also state cited example of peaceful voting 92 % voting turnout was recorded, but now what has feared the BJP so much that they are not allowing people even to vote by taking challenge from contestants ? Is this due to fake promises ?”

"The violence in Tripura started from the day of Election result i.e. 3rd March afternoon and now their violence is hitting own ally IPFT too", Sarkar said. 

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