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DSO protests for pass/fail system's re-launching
TIWN Sep 4, 2018
DSO protests for pass/fail system's re-launching
PHOTO : DSO protesting for pass/fail system's re-launching. TIWN Pic Sep 4

AGARTALA, Aug 4 (TIWN): All India DSO protested for pass/fail system's re-launching from Class-1.

After TBSE Madhyamik result ended with 59.59 % passing rate, DSO raised question, why Govt is not taking initiative to give up No Detention policy.

With similar 6 demands the All India DSO members placed deputation to the Education Director.

In states like Tripura, where rural, ADC areas not only suffer from teachers’ crisis but no basic infrastructure could be provided in those areas till day, no detention-policy has been chief reason behind such a massive fall in the result, said agitators.

Tripura Board of Secondary Education (TBSE) Exams which went through crucial Assembly election doldrums, shouting, miking, violence and tensions has resulted with 59.59 % passing rate, a sharp dropping from previous year’s 67.38 % passing rate.

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