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Opposition claims Biplab Deb led Budget 2018-19 as ‘Jumla Budget’, ‘copy-paste’ of CPI-M’s budget without Vision
TIWN June 21, 2018
Opposition claims Biplab Deb led Budget 2018-19 as ‘Jumla Budget’, ‘copy-paste’ of CPI-M’s budget without Vision
PHOTO : Congress leader Gopal Roy claims Biplab Deb led budget as Jumla. TIWN Pic June 21

AGARTALA, June 21 (TIWN): Attacking BJP Govt’s first budget, Congress leader Gopal Roy said, “Once again BJP Has proven itself as a Jumla Govt by placing a Jumla budget for the next one year. Nothing is concrete, clear in the budget and Vision Document is far from the target”. Addressing media at Congress Bhawan, Gopal Roy said, “Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna is nothing new, but in our time when UPA Govt was at Centre Tripura used to get Rs. 2000 crores to Rs. 3000 crores, but this Jumla Govt has given Rs. 150 crores. With 150 crores, will Tripura’s road-map be shaped ?” “The budget failed to give a clear note for Govt employees, for unemployed youths and poor people’s allowances. More or less it was just a copy-paste of CPI-M’s budget. Their budget also failed to keep space for loan waiver”, Gopal Roy told media.“Whatever the CPI-M was giving BJP has also decided to copy them and that’s all were the budget this year about", Roy added.

"In last 15 years also, CPI-M had been placing a budget which was just for name-sake without any visionary plan and programme”, he said. 

"The tax incensement proposal in fuel must be rejected right now. Right now, 20 % VAT is imposed on petrol and 13.5 % VAT has been imposed upon diesel. So, according to Tripura’s price rate, if 15 % VAT is decreased then only 5 % VAT will stay and 15 rupees will be downed at petrol price. Then in case of diesel, if 15 % is decreased then only 3.5 % VAT will exist. If Govt takes this action for the welfare of common men it will stable the fuel price, then 15 rupees will be reduced in petrol price. In the same manner diesel will be downed at 10 rupees and it will be limited within 60 rupees and petrol price will also down below 70 %”, said Gopal Roy.

Congress also demanded compensation for flood affected areas people.

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