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'I also read books of Dharma Gurus' : Manik Sarkar
TIWN Jan 28, 2018
'I also read books of Dharma Gurus' : Manik Sarkar
PHOTO : Tripura CM Manik Sarkar addressing in party rally.

AGARTALA, Jan 28 (TIWN): Tripura's Communist Chief Minister Manik Sarkar on Sunday while addressing a rally at Mohonpur, which MLA Ratan Lal Nath's won constituency claimed that he also studies various books of 'Dharma-Gurus'.

Addressing the rally, Sarkar said, "BJP is doing extremism in the name of religion throughout the country. Among you many are disciples of Ramakrishna, Lokanth, Anukul Thakur, Swarupanda. It's not at all right that I don't go through those religious gurus pamphlets. But when I read I see that they nowhere said that in a country only one religion's person can stay'.

'But today in the name of religion, BJP is snatching human rights. British had divided India with Pakistan and now using that sentiment BJP is doing their politics', said Manik Sarkar.

'BJP is trying to decide what people will eat, what they will wear. To check the meat, they are entering people's kitchens too', added Sarkar.

'Under BJP Govt your children can't chose their own friends. Whom they will marry, which movie they will watch BJP, RSS are trying to decide, even not leaving school children also', said Sarkar mentioning further about Padmaavat movie.

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