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INPT, BJP's alliance may be cancelled
TIWN Jan 9, 2018
INPT, BJP's alliance may be cancelled

AGARTALA, Jan 9 (TIWN): Pinching at INPT's seat debacles for alliance with BJP, Subal Bhowmik said, "They are our younger brothers, can be angry anyway".

Bhowmik was asked by media, whether there was any misunderstanding or breakup among BJP & INPT after BJP cancelled a meeting with them, Bhowmik said, "We don't insult any party but as younger brothers it's their right to become angry with big-brother".

Media further asked whether before few days also Subal Bhowmik's former friend MLA Asish Saha became his enemy after Bhowmik joined in Congress, but how is the feeling as once again Asish Saha has become his friend under BJP.

In reply Bhowmiks said, "Tripura is small state, so politicians are also in small circle and in onetime they get together". 

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