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Is Himanta Biswa led IPFT, former Terrorists meet with PM was a masterstroke of Manik Sarkar via trusted agent Sudip Barman to alienate Bengali votebank ? Why Brinda Karat’s allegation against PMO getting strong ground ?
TIWN Jan 9 2018
Is Himanta Biswa led IPFT, former Terrorists meet with PM was a masterstroke of Manik Sarkar via trusted agent Sudip Barman to alienate Bengali votebank ? Why Brinda Karat’s allegation against PMO getting strong ground ?

AGARTALA, Jan 9 (TIWN): TIWN predicted Tripura BJP’s impending risks for admitting Sudip Barman & Co into party fold as Sudip Barman, his father Samir Barman’s secret pact with Manik Sarkar destabilized State Congress earlier 1989-93. In Tripura Politics, Sudip was always seen as secret agent of Manik Sarkar indulging in weakening opposition parties. Samir Barman, Sudip Barman destabilized State Congress, followed by both father-son duo destroyed Mamata’s Trinamool, no finally they joined BJP to destabilize party in planned manner.

Sudip Barman’s political godfather cum Assam’s scamster Himanta Biswa’s sudden plan of airlifting IPFT, TSP, former Terrorists to New Delhi to meet Prime Minister, Home Minister on Jan 4,2018 was nothing but a calculated ploy to anger majority Bengali vote banks in Tripura which in turn helped CPI-M recovering huge majority vote bank by propagating BJP’s evil plan of dividing Tripura for a separate Tipraland.

When everything was going in right direction for BJP, instead of burning CPI-M leader Brinda Karat’s effigy and chronological exposing of CPI-M’s anti-national faces for her dangerous statement against Prime Minister of India, today people are raising fingers against BJP for their abnormal alliance with IPFT, who hardly have 35,000 people in support. 

Amidst BJP’s good-shape in managing crowds in Amit Shah’s rally, the peculiar alliance of BJP with regional separatist party IPFT has somewhere shocked even BJP supporters too. IPFT, former Terrorist alliance itself even though didn’t damage extremely, but the meeting of PM with IPFT has helped undoubtedly CPI-M to engage Brinda Karat to put her stand more stronly.

When BJP leader SubalBhowmik is trying hard to mean that due to IPFT’s alliance with BJP, tribal vote banks have increased, but question is what would BJP say if N C Debbarma instead of BJP had aligned with CPI-M ?

Not, only this, BJP was taking another dangerous step by arranging meeting among 10323 teachers with ParakshYavedkar led by Sudip Barman and HimantaBiswaSarma, but BJP Central Govt didn’t take that risk to meet the teachers publicly.

Public sentiment was for INPT’s alliance with BJP rather than  with IPFT, but former Terrorists meeting with Prime Minister turned too much majority vote bank alienation ahead of poll, when IPFT struck to their 'Tipraland demand'. 

Former BJP President Sudhindra Dasgupta, followed by Sunil Deodharspent his 3 years to bring BJP from zero level and to uplift Ladylike Biplab Deb as a politician, today instead of Deodhar, suddenly HimantaBiswa has become Tripura’s Incharge.

However, BJP’s votebank has been already decided by people but one month ahead of election, there was hardly any need for such suicidal  alignment with IPFT and arranging IPFT leaders meet with Prime Minister which already generated enough mistrust on BJP’s intension.

Brinda Karat has written in this book that Indian Prime Minister Office has direct connection with Terrorists, which has put CPI-M under own trap for extremist talks. However, the CPI-M leader's writing raised the finger against IPFT's link with PMO just because IPFT had placed a deputation to PMO, but IPFT is a political party and so what exactly CPI-M wanted to say it's not clear. In this condition, why BJP went to arrange meeting with Prime Minister ? But when criticism has hit party, SubalBhowmik saying that when wave is in good direction, small-criticisms doesn’t  matter.

Ratan Lal Nath raised the issue of Brinda Karat and he was successful to target her anti-national speech. In the same manner, Ratan Nath also punctured Chief Minister’s image by exposing his in-laws links with Chit Fund owner Ratan Chowdhury. On the next day, Sudip Barman came in the dais and diverted the issue of Chit Fund for Rose Valley and said that he is writing a letter to CBI demanding chief minister’s arrest, but till day no CBI official even met CM.

As per TIWN’s earlier and present predictions, Sudip Barman gang will do everything in their armour to destabilize BJP internally so that it helps CPI-M politically.

To help Manik Sarkar, alienating majority vote banks from BJP and then HimantaBiswa’s threatening Manik Sarkar as ‘Bangladeshi’ only generated negative publicity for State BJP.

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