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Amit Shah leaves Tripura after offering prayers in Tripura Sundari Temple : Next visit again in this month
TIWN Jan 8, 2018
Amit Shah leaves Tripura after offering prayers in Tripura Sundari Temple : Next visit again in this month
PHOTO : Amit Shah offering prayers to Mata Tripura Sundari at Udaipur. TIWN Pic Jan 8

AGARTALA / UDAIPUR, Jan 8 (TIWN): BJP National President Amit Shah has left Tripura today after offering prayers to Tripura Sunadri Goddess at Matabari Temple in Udaipur at 12 noon. Amit Shah was accompanied by State BJP president Biplab Deb and other BJP activists. From BJP Krishnanagar Office it was said that Amit Shah's next visit will be in the same month, i.e. on January. To hoist two separate rallies of BJP, the National BJP President had come here in Tripura yesterday. Following Amit Shah's visit, BJP leader Subal Bhowmik held a press conference in the party headquarter and claimed that supporters participation in BJP's rally was beyond expectation. "The crowd assured that BJP has set its victory in Tripura. The Ambassa rally was overcrowded but Udaipur rally was totally beyond our expectation and when the wave is in right direction, some small issues will not affect BJP's votebanks much in coming days", said Bhowmik.

Amit Shah at Ambassa :  “Communists can’t stop PM Modi’s developmental works. If CPI-M tries to keep BJP outside the soil, breaking down all obstacles BJP will form its  Govt in Tripura and on the 2nd day of BJP’s Govt’s forming its govt employees will get 7th pay commission and CPI-M will just watch. Today’s crowd has told me that BJP Govt is coming in power. Mocking  about CPI-M’s nexus with Chit Fund, Shah said, “Don’t think CPI-M has not done anything for Tripura, but in 25 years it has done Rose Valley Chit Fund like biggest financial scams and all scamsters will go in jail once BJP comes in power". 

Amit Shah at Udaipur :  Criticizing the CPI-M led Government, Amit Shah said that the Centre is giving adequate funds to the State, but no development has come in Tripura in reality. Amit Shah further said that among 37 lakhs of population, 8 lakhs of unemployed youths are "major shames" for a state govt. "Tripura Govt till day has not received Rs. 130 crores of project to develop the health service here. In case of developmental report card, everywhere Tripura Govt is failed because it has no intention”, said Shah. BJP Govt and Modi Govt want to help the state, but its govt is not ready to take help”, added Shah. 

Amit Shah at Muktadhara: Citing example of West Bengal, Tripura and some more states, BJP National President Amit Shah while addressing at Muktadhara in a seminar on “Challenges in Nation building”

said that Communist’s ideology has downed the economy everywhere. “The ruling party’s policy always effects the economy and it affected Bengal economy too. Why West Bengal’s economy is so slow ? Because, for long time CPI-M has ruled there”, said Amit Shah.  “When everywhere massive developments are seen, why in Tripura there is no development ? Because it’s Communists policy to keep the poverty alive and to play vote banks with that”, added Shah. 

The National leader asked BJP activists to spread the message every corners of Tripura.

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