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Amit Shah's 'Nation Building Challenge' must begin with eradicating 'Himata' type scmasters
Amit Shah's 'Nation Building Challenge' must begin with eradicating 'Himata' type scmasters
PHOTO : Amit Shah addressing at Muktadhara in a seminar on “Challenges in Nation building”. TIWN Pic Jan 7

AGARTALA, Jan 8 (TIWN): In a joke by itself when Amit Shah was preaching for 'Challenge in Nation Building' then his few feet away was sitting North East India's most corrupt politician Himanta Biswa Sarma against whom BJP Assam itself distributed leaflets mentioning hundreds of crores corruption from Sarada Chit Fund to Louis Berger scam.

Himanta Biswa wasted no time in joining BJP to save his skin from immediate arrest by CBI for involvement in Sarada Chit Fund scam.

While addressing at Muktadhahara, citing example of West Bengal, Tripura and some more states, BJP National President Amit Shah said that Communist’s ideology has downed the economy everywhere.

“The ruling party’s policy always effects the economy and it affected Bengal economy too. Why West Bengal’s economy is so slow ? Because, for long time CPI-M has ruled there”, said Amit Shah. 

“When everywhere massive developments are seen, why in Tripura there is no development ? Because it’s Communists policy to keep the poverty alive and to play vote banks with that”, added Shah. 

The National leader asked BJP activists to spread the message every corners of Tripura, but BJP which ofcourse began with a fresh wave with PM Modi, Amit Shah's nationalism waves, certainly is affecting by some ex-Congress leaders like Himanta Biswa Sarma's freedom-shelter under the saffron party.


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