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10323 : Recruitment scams resulted in Disaster
TIWN Dec 7, 2017
10323 : Recruitment scams resulted in Disaster
PHOTO : 10323 teachers crying in front of press. TIWN Pic Dec 7

AGARTALA, Dec 7 (TIWN): The 10323 recruitment scam has resulted in massive disaster affecting at least 50,000 people all over the tiny state.

A Mahakaran Abjiyaan was held in the morning led by 10323 teachers but when police forced them, some teachers couldn't hold tears anymore.

10323 teachers were terminated by High Court in 2014 following the recruitment corruption led by the CPI-M Govt. But High Court gave Tripura Govt an option to appoint the petitioners in suitable posts who were more qualified than the 10323 teachers.

 But, Tripura Govt once again had challenging the verdict appealed in Supreme Court but on March 29, they finally lost their jobs when SC had terminated the teachers after Dec 31st, 2017. 

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