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Lost children found dead
TIWN Oct 13, 2017
Lost children found dead

AMRPUR, Oct 13 (TIWN): The two siblings' dead body was recovered who had been flown in river Gomati on Wednesday at Amarpur.

With the recovery of the kids' dead body parents have been devastated who lost their two children at the same time.

On Wednesday, with a tragic note 5 years boy Bishal Chakma, 11 years girl Ripna Chakma drowned in river Gomati at Natun Bazar.

Both of them are brother and sister in relation.  The incident took place at Natun Bazar located Jhorjhoria area.

As per the police’s information, at around 3 PM son of Manindra Chakma- Bishal Chakma and daughter- Ripna Chakma went to river Gomati following their grand mother Jhorbi Chakma.

Amidst repeated times of forbidding, both the children went to the river and started playing at there.

Suddenly heavy water flow hit Bishal and he started to sink. Seeing his condition his sister Ripna Chakma also jumped in the water and river flown both of them.

Seeing their such condition their grandmother lost her sense at there, who was later taken to hospital but the siblings were missing for long 2 days.

However, both of them were found dead on Friday. 


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