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Dasami-Yatra performed at Agartala Durga Bari
TIWN Sep 30, 2017
Dasami-Yatra performed at Agartala Durga Bari
PHOTO : Devotees thronged to Durga Bari on Vijaya Dasami. TIWN Pic Sep 30

AGARTALA, Sep 30 (TIWN): Devotees thronged to Agartala Durga Bari to goodbye Devi Durga for another year.

Women performed Sindoor Khela in the temple, whereas from children to elder people all performed the ‘Dasami-Yatra’.

Children touched their books on Devi Durga’s feet and businessmen and other professions also performed the same ritual.

With the 4 day long puja has been ended, time has come when Devi Durga will soon start her journey for Swargalok for another year.

During Durga Puja days, forgetting all worries, hatred people get together & the sentiment of brotherhood generates among every sections of people.

But again with the cutting down of every hours from Navami, people are becoming emotional as mind doesn’t allow that Ma Durga would leave from Martyo Lok. With the ending of Navami, Devi will go far away on the occasion of Dasami Yatra. 

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